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Church and Society: Navigating the Cultural Minefields

Deep racial divide. Immigration. Gun violence. Trump and Washington gridlock. Police shootings. Afghanistan.

Are you still reading? Okay, good.

Nothing seems to evoke more emotion, opinion, and outrage than the aforementioned issues. 1,034 more words

Book Review: Woodpeckers and Waffles and Bears! Oh My!

Chee-Kee: A Panda in Bearland by Sujean Rim, 2017 (Target age group: 4-7)

This heartfelt story is about a family of panda bears who move to Bearland and their child’s struggle to fit in and make friends. 412 more words


Tired of Waiting

“Now we see everything that’s going wrong with the world and those who lead it. We just feel like we don’t have the means to rise above and beat it…so we keep waiting, waiting on the world to change” … 1,134 more words


C’mon Ds, get your act together! How hard can it be to come up with a superior alternative to the hypocritical opportunistic sycophants running the show now? 248 more words

Small minded ignorance is not "Saying it as it is".

There is a rise in ignorance globally that is endangering the very fabric of civil society. This is being led by politicians, who their followers believe are “saying it as it is”. 664 more words

Vandals Set Fire To The Memorial Of The Muslim Teen Who Was Murdered While Walking To A Mosque

Police are investigating the memorial of Muslim teen Nabra Hassanen, which was set on fire Wednesday morning under “suspicious” conditions.

Hassanen, 17, was murdered on Sunday morning while walking to her mosque, and though authorities claimed the death was due to “road rage”, they confirmed that her aggressor hit her with a bat, took her in his car to another location and assaulted her again before throwing her body into a pond. 244 more words

White Terrorism is being exacerbated by Trump and fellow demagogues.

White terrorism and xenophobia are on the rise in the west.  You see it in the news everyday from a white supremacist shooting nine church goers to a white supremacist murdering an immigrant.   387 more words