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Headless success

Magalí ArriolaGoldin+Senneby’s Headless has been listed as one of Artforum International’s ‘Best of 2015’.  According to the compiler of the list, Magalí Arriola, “This is a restless book, and the introduction, by Alexander Provan , is equally thrilling, a cliffhanger that I hope will be continued”.  37 more words


Welcoming "Finance and Society," a new academic journal at the nexus of finance and society

From Nathan Coombs:

As readers of Socializing Finance will be well aware, the nexus of finance and society is increasingly subject to critical attention from a range of commentators. 458 more words

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Wordpress goes rainbow

Everyone who blogs checks their stats approximately every 10 seconds.  In extreme cases  more often, (you know who you are……).

Being utterly cool I had not checked mine for days (ha!), but on doing so found that WP had rainbow-pridified their banner.   60 more words


Some thoughts on “New Directions and Cutting-Edges in IPE, IR and elsewhere”

Angus Cameron

As someone who myself is inclined to drop the ‘i’, [Juanita’s piece on ‘New Directions …’] is an interesting post. I like inclusive, but also interpersonal, interdisciplinary, impudent, irrational, irreverent and no doubt many others. 334 more words

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