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DELL Equallogic on Xenserver over iSCSI

Select switch ports that will receive the Equallogic and:
Type = Trunk
VLAN = 2 Untagged

DO NOT FORGET to save switch configuration … 605 more words


Workaround for crashing XenServer 7 with Xeon v4 CPUs, Nvidia M60 / M10 (and Dell R730)

You might have read my last article about a crashing XenServer 7 when it’s used with an Intel Xeon v4 and a NVIDIA M60 in a Dell R730. 281 more words


Crashing XenServer 7 with Nvidia M60 (and Dell R730)

During the last weeks we had to – or better are – facing a strange problem with Dell R730 / Dell R7910, NVIDIA M60 and Citrix XenServer 7.0. 1,655 more words


Xendesktop Cheat Sheet

Force delete machines from Desktop Groups and then go for with catalog Removal

You can use PowerShell command:

Remove-BrokerCatalog catalogName

Configure the Logoff Behavior of a Desktop Group in XenDesktop… 55 more words


Xenserver quirks & pitfalls

  • If you try to remove any network connection from a server on a Pool, Xenserver will remove that connection from ALL the hosts on the pool, WITHOUT ANY WARNING…
  • 68 more words

Add new Xenserver pool member to existing iSCSI connection on DELL Equallogic Storage

Go to:

  • Volumes
  • Main
  • Access
  • Modify
  • Add your IQN obtained on the xenserver’s General-Properties Page and it’s storage network IP address
  • Press repair on the Xenserver to get the connection up

Nvidia vGPU Driver fails to load with error Code 43 on XenServer 7 Hosts with more than 512GB-Ram

When you try to start a VM with an attached vGPU and the XenServer itself has more than 512GB-Ram it might happen that the driver does not start. 385 more words