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Future of Citrix XenServer?

Citrix XenServer is an industry and value leading open source virtualization platform for managing cloud, server and desktop virtual infrastructures. Organizations of any size can install XenServer in less than ten minutes to virtualize even the …

Making XenServer and CloudStack sing and dance together (again)

XenServer and Apache CloudStack work nicely together and form an easy-to-go couple for many companies. However, not many people know that recent releases changed the cooperation between the two drastically. 1,924 more words


XenServer 6.5

XenServer 6.5 was released at the beginning of this year. With the new 64 bit Dom 0 it has seen vast improvements. The way I see it, the biggest problem with XenServer is its reputation. 382 more words


Making a XenServer unique after cloning from template

At work we’re creating a CloudStack development environment that can be created and destroyed as we go. One of the requirements is to quickly create a couple of hypervisors to run some tests. 572 more words


How to install xenserver tools on Ubuntu 14.04

Citrix Xenserver is a very under valued and under used production quality tool, in my opinion.  Maybe because there is not nearly as much “stuff” about it on the web as there is for other more popular hypervisors.. 154 more words


How to install XenServer on VMware Player

XenServer is a commercial virtualization product built on the open-source bare-metal hypervisor Xen. While Xen itself is a standalone hypervisor, XenServer is a full virtualization suite that includes built-in console, tools and APIs. 17 more words

Xen:How to install XenCenter on Linux

XenCenter is a client software with GUI for managing XenServer/XCP hosts remotely. Using XenCenter, you can create virtual machines (VMs), access VM consoles, and configure VM storage and networking. 21 more words