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Configuring a Nvidia Tesla M60 under Citrix XenServer (and assign a vGPU to a VM)

In this blog post I would like to show you how to configure a Nvidia Tesla M60 under a XenServer and deploy a VM with a vGPU assigned. 1,815 more words


How to add a new NIC into XenServer

Hello Guys,

It is just a reference for me to review what i have done using the Citrix Article.

When i added a new physical NIC into the XenServer after it is built, it was not detecting or listing inside the XenServer as an Ethernet interface. 13 more words


No vGPU is available with NVIDIA Tesla M60 on Citrix Xenserver

During the last days I had to invest an interesting problem. On a XenServer there were no vGPUs available on a Tesla M60 from NVIDIA. Only GPU Pass-through was available. 574 more words


Machine Creation Services RAM Cache and XenServer IntelliCache

As I was discussing the storage optimization capabilities in the Machine Creation Services vs Provisioning Services debate, I mentioned the use of a XenServer RAM-based read cache. 989 more words


PVS vs. MCS - Part 3: Storage Optimization

This is part of a series comparing Provisioning Services and Machine Creation Services


XenServer 7 released

XenServer 7 was released earlier this week bringing improvements in performance, scalability and security.

Most significant capabilities introduced:

  • Direct Inspect: takes full advantage of the Intel EPT virtualization extensions to permit a true agentless anti-malware solution…
  • 101 more words
Cloud OS

CIS and Your Data

*** Image fromĀ www.cs.uiowa.edu

While this quick blog is not meant to detract from my current blog work for XenServer 7.0 nor focus on Burroughs, it is a pleasant reminder of how I ended up within this hobby-turned-career industry. 472 more words