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One XenServer 6.0.2 active path showing

Only 1 path active on XS which is part of the pool
While creating new SR on XS 6.0.2 on EMC VNX 5300 will show one host with 1 active path rest all have all the active path . 69 more words


How to map iSCSI interface of XenServer 6.0.2 VNX 5300

How to map iSCSI interface of XenServer and 5.6, 6.0.2 VNX 5300

First define storage interface on XenServer and for that choose configure under “Management Interface ” and then select “New Interface” . 256 more words


XenServer iSCSI command

iscsiadm -m discovery -t st -p
iscsiadm -m node -L all


Pointing XenServer to a new Open vSwitch Manager (Nicira/NSX)

Our XenServer hypervisors use Nicira/NSX for Software Defined Networking (orchestrated by CloudStack).

We had to migrate from one controller to another and that could easily be done by changing the Open vSwitch configuration on the hypervisors, like this: 75 more words


Expanding a multipath iSCSI storage on XenServer 6.2

We have everyone been there. Running out of storage. So new disks are installed and the iSCSI LUN has been increased. But in XenCenter the SR still shows the old size. 221 more words


Cloudmonkey Ansible playbook

Cloudmonkey is distributed with Apache CloudStack, and allows for command line configuration of CloudStack resources – i.e. configuration of zones, networks, pods, clusters as well as adding hypervisors, primary and secondary storage. 1,401 more words


XenServer 6.5 Licensing

XenServer 6.5 is available in two commercial editions:

  • Standard
  • Enterprise

The Standard edition is our entry level commercial offering, with a range of features that will suit the needs of those customers who want a robust and high performing virtualization platform, but do not require the premium features offered by the Enterprise edition; while still wishing to benefit from the assurance of comprehensive Citrix support and maintenance. 220 more words