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NVIDA Tesla M10 - vGPU Power for the XenDesktop VDI

Last year NVIDIA added the Tesla M10 GPU to their existing lineup of NVIDIA GRID accelerators. The Tesla M10 board is designed specifically for data centers that are looking for graphics acceleration for high density virtual desktop environments. 794 more words


Stale CIFS mounts in XenServer?

Got a few stragglers in my XenServer environment and from fishing about in the help area found the below command works for anyone looking : 9 more words


Improving Logon Time with PVS Accelerator

The title is correct.  We can improve user logon time by implementing PVS accelerator in XenServer 7.1.

This actually makes perfect sense.

We already showed that… 210 more words


Provisioning Services Accelerator

An interesting new feature was included with the XenServer 7.1 release: Provisioning Services Accelerator.

In a single sentence,

PVS Accelerator overcomes PVS server and network latency by utilizing local XenServer RAM/Disk resources to cache blocks of a PVS vDisk to fulfill local target VM requests. 105 more words


DELL Equallogic on Xenserver over iSCSI

Select switch ports that will receive the Equallogic and:
Type = Trunk
VLAN = 2 Untagged

DO NOT FORGET to save switch configuration … 605 more words


Workaround for crashing XenServer 7 with Xeon v4 CPUs, Nvidia M60 / M10 (and Dell R730)

You might have read my last article about a crashing XenServer 7 when it’s used with an Intel Xeon v4 and a NVIDIA M60 in a Dell R730. 281 more words


Crashing XenServer 7 with Nvidia M60 (and Dell R730)

During the last weeks we had to – or better are – facing a strange problem with Dell R730 / Dell R7910, NVIDIA M60 and Citrix XenServer 7.0. 1,655 more words