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Hyper-V Server 2016 in a workgroup - Part 1

Pop quiz: Which Operating System edition from Microsoft has been free for use throughout it’s almost 10 year long lifespan?

Microsoft Hyper-V Server.

What is it?

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XenServer: Change Root Password


Your boss comes to you in a panic about security and passwords. You sip your coffee and calmly let her vent. You assure her that yes, you can quickly and easily change the root password on all your XenServers. 233 more words


XenServer Auto-boot

Apparently, auto-booting of a VM on a XenServer was removed in 6.0+.

auto-booting can still be done by utilizing the command line from XenCenter.

First, one must specify the Pool as being “auto-bootable”. 28 more words


Creating Virtual Machines (VMs) is a great way to easily deploy software for testing and production purposes. For many of my projects, especially those requiring a HTTP backend, I create a VM to host said solution. 308 more words

XenServer PVS Accelerator Sizing - Part 2

As you might have read, I recently ran a few XenServer PVS Accelerator tests to determine a starting point for the cache size.  This initial investigation looked at Windows 10 and Windows 2012R2 for boot and logon operations. 347 more words


XenServer PVS Accelerator Cache Sizing

How large should we make our PVS Accelerator cache? Too large and we waste resources. Too small and we lose the performance.

Let’s take a step back and recall our best practice for sizing the RAM on Provisioning Services.  475 more words


Monitoring PVS Accelerator

I love data. I like seeing numbers and graphs. I like to see if something is having an impact.

I like when new capabilities provides us with the means to monitor because this data gives me reassurance that the feature has an impact instead of me simply believing it does. 307 more words