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This server has a different Active Directory configuration to the master

I was creating a new Xenserver test pool.  A simple thrasher setup that would have two hosts.  I created the pool and when I tried to add the second server; I received an error message: 64 more words


Some errors were encountered.....

My xencenter events start displaying blank errors which when expanded showed:

Some errors were encountered. See the XenCenter log for more information.

I searched for the log file as it was not in an obvious place. 155 more words


Playing with nVIDIA GRID on VMware and Citrix accelerated graphics remoting solutions - Get Started User Guides

{Firstly, apologies to all the readers for the delay in sharing this through my blog though it is available online. Thought before it disappears online or the URLs goes missing or bad, i should record it in my blog.} 163 more words

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XenServer pool has invalid SRs?

There was an odd issue with one of my xenserver pools.  I looked at xencenter and found the following as offline pool SRs:

DVD drives… 87 more words


How to set a search domain in xenserver

One of the odd things about xenserver (there are a few) is the way you configure a search domain for /etc/resolv.conf. You can’t simply edit the file and it’s not part of the install. 116 more words


Xenserver NIC teaming

Creating a bonded NIC can be a little confusing; especially when considering the options. I found a nice little blog post which discusses the process.


Xenserver has the same IP on two Nics.

We were installing fiber Nics and somebody tried to assign the management interface IP on one of the new ports. The result of course was an IP conflict and system went offline. 109 more words