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Citrix XenServer 7 shows VMs created with XenDesktop 7.12 MCS as I/O not optimized

After upgrading to XenDesktop 7.12 VMs show I/O not optimized and Install I/O drivers and Management Agent when they are created using MCS.

When checking the master VM everything was fine: … 162 more words


Xenserver master pool broke

Xenserver master pool broke after UPS meltdown on datacenter.
Other slaves were OK, so elected new pool master via xe pool-emergency-…

Needed to get the VMs running on the master up and running again. 79 more words


Xenserver Update checker for Nagios

Here it is:




#Automatically Update script for Xen Servers.
#Start by downloading the xml file
#bash xeer1
#echo "Downloading updates.xml"
curl -s -# -L -R -o updates.xml http://updates.xensource.com/XenServer/updates.xml

#Grep the patches for version number XS62E, parse the data, and form the table
#Columns are 1-patch name 2 - url 3- timestamp and 4- uuid
#Each column is one variable and sorted by date and then by name

xmllint --shell updates.xml <<< 'cat //patch/@name-label'|grep -v ">\|<\|\ -"|cut -d"\"" -f2|while read line
lineUrl=$(xmllint --shell updates.xml <<< 'cat //patch/@patch-url'|grep "patch-url"|cut -d"\"" -f2)
lineTime=$(xmllint --shell updates.xml <<< 'cat //patch/@timestamp'|grep "timestamp"|cut -d"\"" -f2)
lineId=$(xmllint --shell updates.xml <<< 'cat //patch/@uuid'|grep "uuid"|cut -d"\"" -f2)
echo "$line $lineUrl $lineTime $lineId"
done > patchList

cat patchList|sort -k3,3 -k4|(i=0;while read line1 line2 line3 line4
#Save some typing
#export ShortUrl=`basename $line2`
# Check to see if the patch has been installed already
if [[ ! 92 more words

The Name Resolver service could not resolved the supplied name.

Minor issue and one of those “DOH!” moments.

Installing a new XenDesktop Delivery Controller. I get as far as creating the connection and my connection address is rewarded with: 45 more words


Repairing SR There was an error....

A brand new XenServer pool in an external office had an interesting problem. Two hosts were added to the pool and yet they could not access two mounts on a NetApp filer. 111 more words


An $81 Million Heist from a Hypervisor Introspection Perspective

October 2016 was security awareness month, however no one really needed to raise awareness with the year’s seemingly endless list of attacks on global businesses. October itself saw a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on DYN, leaving numerous global enterprises’ websites unreachable, and resulted in customer impact and lost business revenue. 728 more words

App Virtualization

How-to migrate from Citrix XenServer 7 to Nutanix AHV

To migrate your existing VMs from XenServer 7 to Nutanix AHV there are a couple of steps required. You have to prepare the source VMs, identify the VHD files, move the VHD to a Nutanix Container, import the disk images and re-create the VM in Nutanix Prism. 509 more words