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Sizing Windows 10 and Windows 7 Virtual Machines

After reviewing all of the scalability tests we conducted over the past few months, I thought it was time to revisit the recommendations for sizing Windows 10 virtual machines.  182 more words

Virtualizing: Because I CAN...


To all of you who read the first of this series, Virtualizing: Because I CAN…, thank you very much for the feedback and shares.  1,332 more words


Virtualizing: Because I CAN...

… and I spent far too much time, money, and effort working with countless permutations of hardware, software, peripherals, and so on just to have “The Industry” force me to upgrade. 576 more words


checking server side status ... failed

My adventures with Xenserver found a couple interesting problems today. The first I will leave for another post. This one involved trying to install an update: XS65E1003. 221 more words


XenServer & Hotfixes

** Updated 19-APR-2016 with emphasis on XenServer 6.x hotfix resources **

Not too many clock cycles ago, The Great Mr. Lorscheider Santiago (thank you for the permission to cite you, sir!) tweeted a sage piece of advice.  593 more words


NVIDIA GRID 2.0 Deep Dive & Configuration!

At VMworld 2015, NVIDIA announced the release of their GRID 2.0 virtual GPU product. It’s the follow-up to the ground-breaking GRID 1.0 technology released in late 2013 that provides true hardware-virtualization of the GPU into multiple virtual desktops. 6,065 more words

Orphan SRs?

(Image from www.totalprosource.com)

Recently I had to kick some XenServer pool members out of my test pool.  Yes, the XenServer pool is named Dead.  As in the one, the only, the magnificent… 827 more words