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Xfce shortcuts

Start -> Settings Manager -> Window Manager -> Keyboard.


[manjaro] install the theme xfwm4-theme-w8-mono

There is an awesome theme for XFCE called w8 that make your window borders look like Windows 8. However, with yaourt I cannot install it for a while. 106 more words



Vapor Linux is a linux distrobution based on the latest xubuntu. It has been modified to come complete with the best linux application for every possible function you may need. 16 more words


XFCE move window to next monitor with vertical and horizontal monitor setup

Unfortunately the script of Arne Hartherz doesn’t work with a vertical setup (I have the DVI screen above the Laptop screen). I adapted it so it works for a 2 monitor setup, both vertical and horizontal. 827 more words


Add Keyboard Layout in Xfce

I installed openSUSE with xfce today and i can’t find how to change keyboard language. I want to switch from english to greek with alt+shift… 97 more words


Fedora 22 Broken 'Open File' Dialog in Firefox

After updating to Fedora 22, the File Chooser in Firefox XFCE, like you would see when you click ‘Open File’ or upload a file, was broken. 253 more words


XFCE semi-transparent desktop icons text background

To make the XFCE desktop icons text background semi-transparent (as opposed to fully transparent) create this file in the $HOME directory: ~/.gtkrc-2.0 and put the following in it: 64 more words