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Resurrecting an old laptop

Yesterday I dug out my old Gateway E-475M laptop and fixed the touchpad which hadn’t worked since I replaced the USB and Ethernet ports about eight years ago. 344 more words


Accessing another user's DBus in XFCE

In a RHEL73 system with XFCE I wanted to change the wallpaper from a script run by root, so I searched and found that, in theory, it could be done using… 383 more words


A Solution (kinda) to Missing Menu Bars

The missing menu bar on LibreOffice (and Electron apps) has been the source of a headache to me for a few months. I’ve been adding/removing packages and enabling/disabling preferences, but nothing seems to work. 114 more words


Windows Subsystem for Linux - install Ubuntu with xfce

Here are the steps to install Ubuntu on Windows 10 using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

  • On Windows 10, go to Settings.
  • Type insider and press enter.
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peppermintos xfce panel plugins

here are some extra peppermintos xfce panel plugins you might like to install and add to your panel

# aptitude install 

You can see them running in the bottom left corner of this screenshot


Shrugging at Vector Linux

I have been interested in trying something based on slackware so I picked out vector linux.   It says on its description that it contains LXDE, therefore openbox, which is what I use most often.  466 more words

Systemd-Free Linux