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How to remove application menu from XFCE Panel


I switched from Unity to XFCE by installing Xubuntu. The indicator plugin area from the Panel in Unity also appears in the XFCE Panel. 128 more words

How to hide window title in XFCE


Coming from Unity, I find a lot of wastage in vertical screen estate in XFCE. One of the biggest offenses is to display the… 62 more words

How to use Xubuntu in Ubuntu

XFCE is a great desktop environment that is fully supported and available with Ubuntu. Compared to Unity, it is lighter, its desktop and window UI layout is more traditional and is far most customizable. 180 more words

Items are left aligned in XFCE Panel


After removing or adding some items from the Panel in XFCE, you may notice that all the items have become left-aligned and collected on the left side of the Panel. 90 more words

How to open Whisker Menu with Win key

Whisker Menu in XFCE is the equivalent of the Start menu in Windows. You get it by clicking the mouse icon in the top-left corner. 68 more words

A minor bug in XFCE (partially themed cursor)

Yesterday i found a cursor theme which i really liked and i was bored of the default one… however it changed the cursor partially. For example.. 175 more words


position two windows next to each other

Note: scroll down to Update #1 to see a built-in solution.

I’m playing with the Brackets text editor and it has a live preview feature, which means that as you edit an HTML code, you can see its effect immediately in the browser. 271 more words