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Theming Whisker Menu redux

I still get questions about how to theme Whisker Menu from time to time, but now they are about the GTK+3 version. Which makes sense, because the information in my… 297 more words

Whisker Menu

Screenshot #1

As you can see, my environment is clean and fast. To do my daily job it is a quite important.

Appearance: Arc
Icons: Papirus
Window Manager: Arc-Dark… 19 more words


XFCE Debian 9 - No Screen Tearing - Two Ways | Two different compositors


I’m starting it with an issue that bothers anyone who uses Linux. The monster name is screen tearing. This article is made for you that enjoys the simplicity and velocity of the XFCE environment, even if you have or don’t a discrete card and the machine is supported by Intel. 369 more words


xfconf-query save and load from file

xfconf-query load from file


The wonderful xfce desktop environment provides a mechanism to inspect and modify your settings, similar to dconf. This tool is named xfconf-query, and it allows you to list and modify entries one at a time. 911 more words

Missing Menu Bar

So a few weeks ago I tried out Vala Panel AppMenu, a global menu that’s said to be compatible with a wider selection of apps (like as Qt and Electron apps) than TopMenu, the global menu applet I’ve been using on Xfce. 154 more words