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Cara Install Screenfetch di GrombyangOS

Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb

Screenfetch ya kali ini saya akan menulis artikel mengenai screenfetch,Screenfetch adalah sebuah aplikasi yang berjalan di terminal, Screenfetch akan menampilkan informasi sistem (OS, Kernel, CPU, RAM, bahkan juga komponen tema) yang sedang berjalan. 142 more words


Grombyang OS Sistem Operasi Linux Berbasis Pendidikan

Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb

Grombyang OS ya kali ini ane akan menulis artikel bertemakan Grombyang OS atau grOS,Grombyang OS adalah sistem operasi karya anak bangsa yang berbasis untuk pendidikan atau edukasi yang dikembangkan dari Linux. 438 more words


Desktop trickery with Xfce4's terminal and wmctrl

Here’s a nice and simple way to embed Xfce4’s Terminal onto your desktop wallpaper.  This works across all virtual workspaces that are present, and removes it from the window list on your taskbar. 187 more words


Fix Problem!! Beginilah Cara Reset Default DE XFCE di Linux Mint

Hai! kali ini admin mau ngeshare tentang cara mereset default Desktop Environment (DE) XFCE di Linux Mint. Sebelumnya admin mau nanya nih, kalian tau ngga sih pengertian dari Desktop Environment (DE)?? 149 more words


Too Many Options

I cannot decide. There are too many options. A Microsoft Windows person would have no idea.

It’s all the fault of Linux, or more properly “GNU/Linux” pronounced “Gah-New Lin-ux” or sometimes “Gah-New Lin-ox.” Much to the distress of the GNU people who provide all the software for Linux and BSD systems, nobody wants to say “Gan-New” before “Linux.” The harsh reality is this: the vast majority of the public just calls it Linux. 844 more words


XFCE Panel fix maximize issue

XFCE is one of the best Desktop Environments out there, it’s one of the oldest, most stable, fast, light and customizable. You can have it looking like Mac or even Windows. 407 more words


Linux: Megasync Missing Icon

Megasync is an official program to sync files to a Mega account. Sometimes its icon is missing in the notification area… 112 more words