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Manjaro XFCE 16.12 on Raspberry Pi 2

Going into this I thought there was no way the Raspberry Pi 2 would handle this. To my surprise it was ok…mostly. Loading the sdcard was easy; dd, boot, resize, done. 137 more words

Arch Based

Enabling the NetworkManager applet on openSUSE

With default settings, the NetworkManager applet on openSUSE is disabled. Here’s how to enable it. 151 more words

3D/GPU-related display problems with Atom editor on Xubuntu 16.04 VM

Was having a problem with Atom editor on a new Ubuntu/Xubuntu 16.04 virtual machine. Launching Atom using the --disable-gpu option seems to fix the problem: 35 more words


A modern and lightweight Arch-Linux (xfce) configuration

What a better way to get in touch than to talk about our everyday configuration ? I’m currently working on an Arch Linux distribution. What I love about it is the huge amount of Sys Admin stuff I learned while installing it again and again, each time faster than before, and with a better knowledge of what I was doing. 797 more words


using sftp in xfce filebrowser thunar [debian]

open the filebrowser thunar
press ctrl + L
then write:


Auto-launch application on (Raspbian-xfce desktop) login

So I do most of my tinkering in the terminal, through much googling and log the changes (ahem, improvements) I make.

So I wanted to have these 3 apps (terminal, changes.txt & iceweasel) opened automatically on login. 155 more words