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Installing Korora 25 xfce in qemu/kvm


I wanted to install a Linux virtual machine on my Linux laptop. Already installed was virtual machine manager. For the time being, my host OS is Fedora 25 KDE and what I wanted to run in the vm is… 183 more words

Linux Mint XFCE 

Quick overview of my Linux Mint XFCE desktop with the arc theme, moka icons and docky installed. Linux mint is one of the most popular distributions in the Linux world and comes with cinnamon as the default desktop environment. 20 more words


Manjaro XFCE 16.12 on Raspberry Pi 2

Going into this I thought there was no way the Raspberry Pi 2 would handle this. To my surprise it was ok…mostly. Loading the sdcard was easy; dd, boot, resize, done. 137 more words

Arch Based

Enabling the NetworkManager applet on openSUSE

With default settings, the NetworkManager applet on openSUSE is disabled. Here’s how to enable it. 151 more words

3D/GPU-related display problems with Atom editor on Xubuntu 16.04 VM

Was having a problem with Atom editor on a new Ubuntu/Xubuntu 16.04 virtual machine. Launching Atom using the --disable-gpu option seems to fix the problem: 35 more words


A modern and lightweight Arch-Linux (xfce) configuration

What a better way to get in touch than to talk about our everyday configuration ? I’m currently working on an Arch Linux distribution. What I love about it is the huge amount of Sys Admin stuff I learned while installing it again and again, each time faster than before, and with a better knowledge of what I was doing. 797 more words


using sftp in xfce filebrowser thunar [debian]

open the filebrowser thunar
press ctrl + L
then write:

or transfer files with commandline:
scp pi@192.168.x.x:/home/pi/fileyouwant.txt /home/$USER/Schreibtisch/destinationoffileyouwant.txt