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HTML 5 New Tags

I am so excited to announce the release of “HTML 5 NEW TAGS” a book that explains more about the tags introduced into the HTML 5 language. 62 more words


The Grand Finale, Forms.

We have had a fantastic Journey together but the Beginner’s bus stops with this last lesson.

Some of you might be familiar with Google forms… 784 more words



Probably you have come across a webpage that has some data in the form of a table…..I always wondered it was an image of some sort but today I will show you how to demystify that. 186 more words


Introducción a XHTML

Ficha Técnica Titulo: Introducción a XHTML Autor: Javier Eguíluz Pérez Categoria: XHTML Licencia: Creative Commons Formato: Pdf, 1.8 mb Nº de páginas: XX




Today we will be taking a picture! (And putting it on our website of course).First, create your own image and save it as “stech.jpg” in a directory called “images”. 336 more words



Time for lesson number ONE! Wait, what have we been doing all alone? Well, all alone we’ve been learning how to build a simple page but what makes the world wide web exciting is the fact that it is a wide web that is connected through links. 261 more words



You might be wondering what certain things mean, you have a lot of queries about certain technical stuff and Lingo, you will get to know much about as time goes on. 388 more words