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The Grand Finale, Forms.

We have had a fantastic Journey together but the Beginner’s bus stops with this last lesson.

Some of you might be familiar with Google forms… 784 more words



Probably you have come across a webpage that has some data in the form of a table…..I always wondered it was an image of some sort but today I will show you how to demystify that. 186 more words


Introducción a XHTML

Ficha Técnica Titulo: Introducción a XHTML Autor: Javier Eguíluz Pérez Categoria: XHTML Licencia: Creative Commons Formato: Pdf, 1.8 mb Nº de páginas: XX




Today we will be taking a picture! (And putting it on our website of course).First, create your own image and save it as “stech.jpg” in a directory called “images”. 336 more words



Time for lesson number ONE! Wait, what have we been doing all alone? Well, all alone we’ve been learning how to build a simple page but what makes the world wide web exciting is the fact that it is a wide web that is connected through links. 261 more words



You might be wondering what certain things mean, you have a lot of queries about certain technical stuff and Lingo, you will get to know much about as time goes on. 388 more words



In our last tutorial we learnt about the p tag which is just the beginning of text formatting. In this tutorial we are focusing on Headings. 180 more words