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Super Soaker Inventor Lonnie Johnson Saluted by GOOD BLACK NEWS

The man who invented the Super Soaker, who then had to sue in order to get his fair share of royalties, is now helping students who are seeking careers in engineering.

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The language barrier

I live in a country with eleven official languages. I am fluent in only two of those languages. I tried to learn a third, but I just couldn’t remember the meaning of all the different words and when I try to speak in a third language, I do not know what to say in a conversation. 669 more words


The Evolution of the World Wide Web

It’s hard to imagine life without the web with all its content and knowledge available at our finger tips. It has extensively become a part of our everyday lives, we walk around with it in our back pockets. 623 more words


Improving HTML from Tinderbox to Make a Better Help Book

Over the last two articles, I have worked through producing a small website exported from Tinderbox 7, which I then turned into a Help Book for use in a Mac application. 1,294 more words


Using HTML from Tinderbox 7 to make a Help Book

In the previous article, I showed how to make a set of (X)HTML files which should provide the content for a Help Book, and can be added to a Mac app in development to provide good support for that app’s help. 1,109 more words


Exporting HTML from Tinderbox 7: Using CSS for a Help Book

Tinderbox is a wonderful tool for developing structured content, then transforming it into different formats, most notably HTML. This project started when I wanted to write Help Books for my apps, and discovered there was only one affordable tool with which to do that. 1,248 more words


This Ebook What's-It is a Lot of Hatshepsut

Oh man, what a world. Seems I was using some old outdated garbage XHTML to make my ebooks when the standard changed to HTML5 years ago. 347 more words