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On a hot Friday before a holiday, it’s hard to stay focused. In this chaotic world, it’s usually hard to stay focused on anything, especially with supposed “leaders” relying on distraction and buzz rather than anything of substance. 782 more words


"We're putting the trade war on hold!"

By David Nelson, CFA

“We’re putting the trade war on hold.” The statement from Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin over the weekend sent futures up sharply late Sunday. 606 more words

David Nelson

Panel Discussion on China Trade - The Trailer

Soundbites from panel discussion on China trade negotiations with Clark Packard advisor to Nikki Haley, Herb London founder of the London Center for Policy Research and of course host Charles Payne.

David Nelson

In jetisioning the liberal order, Trump can learn lessons from the past

Written by Sandeep Bhardwaj.

US President Donald Trump’s first year in office has witnessed a general America withdrawal from management of the world order. He has recused the US from international accords such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Paris Agreement; threatened an open trade war; weakened the American commitment to its allies; and appointed officials in his administration who are hostile to liberal international institutions. 966 more words