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Single Of The Week: Reset by Metal Church

For this week, we are going to give you two singles of the week considering that we have been slacking. For this week’s Single Of The Week, we chose today’s band because we heard some really big news that has us excited. 269 more words


China to invade Taiwan # VI

China to invade Taiwan # VI

On March 6, two years ago — Taiwan’s Minister of National Defense Yen Ming told the national legislature’s Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee the country’s military could hold out “at least one month” alone against a Chinese invasion. 112 more words

China to invade Taiwan, version V

China to invade Taiwan, version V

The H6-K is a long-range nuclear capable bomber built exclusively for the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army. This bomber is getting air time as the Chinese prepare to attack Taiwan. 63 more words

China plans to invade Taiwan

China plans to invade Taiwan

This may sound controversial but the facts speak for themselves. Chinese communist (CCP) leadership does not recognize the tiny island nation as a separate country but a “renegade territory” they have the right to “re-integrate” anytime they want. 717 more words

A love letter to the Chinese people

by Karl Spain

I send love and greetings to the Chinese people from a small place in the United States called Maryland. I was born here in Maryland — have never lived more than 50 miles from here – and have never visited China. 387 more words



The Invisible Sephirah is known as the place where the dragon of the abyss comes to the ones who pretend to be “realized and enlightened”. 52 more words