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Air Jordan 11 Low I.E. "Cobalt" Review

Hey everyone!  It’s your boy, Jim Duggin, and I am back with another Jordan review.  This time we took a look at the Jordan 11 Low IE that is dropping in the “Cobalt” Colorway this morning. 51 more words


I was seperated.

I’ll never forget when my son was born. There aren’t the words in any or all languages to describe that experience. No matter what you think of the other parent, or what they think of you, you are a family inseperable. 742 more words


The Air Jordan "72-10" XI will release in kid sizes as well:

There are some sneakerheads out there that won’t be content with buying just one pair of the Jordan 11 “72 10.”
Some will inevitably double and triple up, and some will end up purchasing pairs in a whole range of smaller sizes to make sure that their offspring can stay laced in the sneakers as well. 49 more words


I was loved.

That’s a hard realization for someone who doesn’t have one complete identity. Generally speaking, my male self is a mask, an illusion. So anyone who can love he loves a character. 583 more words


I was trans.

One of my earliest dreams was dancing as a girl. As a child, I used to tell my parents I was a girl. They have photos of me in girls’ clothes, at stores and kiosks; the kind of photos other families bring out to embarass a boy in front of his girlfriend. 371 more words


I was born.

September 2nd, 1984 in a place whose name may mean more to you than I; then and there was I born. It was the other side of the country, in a climate I don’t even know. 145 more words