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Vic's Pic of the Week--Xi'an, CHN

Terracotta Warriors of the first Emperor of unified China during the Tang dynasty.


Touristy Information: Xi'An

These are the other attractions that I visited and are definitely worth seeing, but didn’t make my list of Top 10 Things To Do In Xi’An… 920 more words


What I'll Miss Most About China

When I first arrived in China, I thought that the contract would never end, and lately it seemed like it was flying by.  I really enjoyed living in a different country for a significant amount of time, and I am glad that I got an expat experience instead of a tourist experience.   778 more words

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Taking the Xi'An Metro

Every time I went into Xi’An, I relied heavily on the metro.  It runs from about 6am until about 11pm.  We didn’t use buses very much, because those require a lot more research and knowledge as to where they all go.   798 more words

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My Favorite Things To Eat In Xi'An

I really love the traditional Chinese food (but not the fake Chinese food that you can get it the U.S.).  The cafeteria food was pretty good; it’s mass-produced for all of the employees, so by no means amazing, but I had no problems finding something tasty to eat.   879 more words

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