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Xi'an Day 1

Hi all!

We actually chose a pretty bad time to visit Xi’an as it was the sweltering hot months (think 35 to 40 degree celsius) and the start of the school holidays for the Chinese. 831 more words


First impressions of Xi'an, China

Hi all!

I’ve been pretty busy getting early start for my final year in school recently but I’ve managed to go on a short trip to Xi’an just last week. 666 more words


Almost Fearless

There’s a fine line between fearful and fearless.

Often times I find myself pin balling between the extremes.

Gravity wants to pull me down so I guess I’ll just look up. 26 more words


New From ZTE : Xiao Xian 2

The ZTE Xiao Xian 2 has been unveiled in China, and surprisingly the budget handset includes a fingerprint scanner. Priced at the equivalent of $144 USD, this model has the biometric scanner placed at the back of the device. 14 more words

Last Moments in Xi'an

The past two days in Xi’an were amazing. Xi’an is kind of like a college town, so there are a lot of pretty buildings and things to do. 175 more words


Chinese Whispers - Xian, 1995 (51)

In 1995 I had the opportunity to go on a short tour of Beijing and Xi’an. I looked forward very much to seeing the differences between then and my earlier visit in early 1978. 1,814 more words

Goodbye Beijing, Hello Xi'an

Currently I’m on a flight to Xi’an. The airport security in China is very thorough, which surprisingly was a culture shock. While I got to keep my shoes on, my bag was x rayed three times, and I was patted down. 108 more words