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Exciting tales

An American nook reader left this review of Codename: Casanova.

Another exciting tale. I enjoyed his book Codename: Moneyman so much that I bought this one, and it was just as good as Moneyman, and now I will read all his books. 15 more words

Help Recruiters Find You On Linkedin & Xing 

If you are currently looking for a job or open to know about new career opportunities for you there are ways making you found easier by recruiters on network and career platforms like  … 661 more words


A great thriller

“I’d never read any of Mark Arundel’s books, and only got this one because it was free but once I started reading it I just couldn’t put it down. 60 more words

Rage Against the Template

This article is based on my talk at the Social Recruiting Days 2017 in Berlin.

Talent Sourcing conferences often have their focus on finding and sourcing perfect candidates, their contact details, Facebook profiles and email addresses. 1,196 more words

Human Resources

This Week in Links: Subverting stereotypes, and real Korean cooking

Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee‘s latest photobook, XING, mimics and subverts stereotypes about east and south-east Asian women. She notes that

“The association between sex, sexuality and Asian women is almost inseparable – that’s not to say that it is wrong to consider Asian women as an attractive being, but it is more so the lack of agency that the Asian female is devoid of.”

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This Week In Links

The Language of Photography

Images constantly surround us. We are bombarded by them, from the internet, the news, billboards, and our society’s obsession with selfies. There’s no escaping them. This may sound negative, but there are silver linings to this significant rise in images and photography. 569 more words


An exciting read

A reader posted this review of Casanova on the US kindle page.

“I usually read to savour the book, but every time I wanted to slow down it got more exciting.

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