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Part 5 of 5 Therefore Do Not Lose Heart

Why should I even wait? It’s worthless, it’s inevitable. I’m just waiting to die, why should I wait to have it be by his hand? I’ll give it a day, then I’ll decide. 848 more words

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Part 4 of 5 Therefore Do Not Lose Heart

A day passes. A day of watchfulness and little sleeping.


Why do they kill us? If they feel this absolute need to kill, why not kill each other? 270 more words

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Part 3 of 5 Therefore Do Not Lose Heart

The numbers are dwindling, the group is down to 14, with a cold-blooded murderer in their midst.


. . .  And the beast, don’t forget the beast. 517 more words

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Part 2 of 5 Therefore Do Not Lose Heart

We all scattered to the alcoves nearest to us, for we know not where the beast was coming from. I was with the 3 year-old, Felicia. 1,619 more words

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Part 1 of 5 Therefore Do Not Lose Heart

“What does these pictures mean on the cave walls, Jeb?” Asked the girl with long blonde disheveled locks.


“Gwen, my pretty girl, they are ancient folklore of a man-eating beast who eats the purest o’ heart on the other side of the mountain. 835 more words

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A helpful guide to deleting your XING profile

If you thought getting out of your gym contract in Germany was hard, try deleting your XING profile. For those unfamiliar with the platform, it is a German language version of LinkedIn. 580 more words

Personal Branding: Vortrag auf der CeBIT 2015

Ein persönlicher Blog kann dazu beitragen, das berufliche Profil zu schärfen und wichtige Kontakte zu knüpfen. Social Recruiting ist hoch auf der Agenda von Personalleitern, denn mittlerweile gehört es zum Standard, Kandidaten nicht nur zu googeln, sondern auch deren Aktivitäten auf sozialen Netzen zu analysieren. 223 more words

Social Media Cultivation For Events