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Whirlwind of Pain and Pentakill-How to make your enemies rage quit as Xing Tian in SMITE

Guardians aren’t a very popular role in SMITE and Xing Tian is one of the least played guardians in the game. He doesn’t really bring the damage and nuking potential of Bacchus, his Crowd Control isn’t as frustrating as Kumbhakarna’s and his ultimate is incredibly hard to land, near impossible if the enemy is using purification. 1,632 more words


Xing 性 and Ming 命

Of the greatest questions one has on life is that of where did I come from and what am I doing here. Xing, is that of Human Nature, it is the essence of man, his birth, growth, and fruition. 227 more words

Spanish review

Thanks to a Spanish reader for this review of Codename: Moneyman

A brilliant fast moving spy novel. He’d been thrown out from the army. From his life.

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Lucky find offers our first look at a dinosaur tail, complete with feathers

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Geoscientist Lida Xing was shopping at an amber market in Myitkyina, Myanmar in 2015 when he saw an unusual piece of amber. Trapped inside was a small object that the amber merchants thought was a sprig of leaves. 634 more words


Communities and Emergencies

“The question is, how community providers should react, if their members are in life danger, and nobody of the other connected members is reacting?”.  Thats how I commented the message about the… 71 more words

Artificial Intellingence

Xing in Gartner's Hype Cycle

Xing is a company and social network that has been around since late 2003.  It has gone through many successful ups and also a few downs while trying to be a competing network for professionals outside of German speaking countries, as well as inside.   422 more words

Social Media Networks

Xing vs. Viadeo

Although LinkedIn is leading the business professional social networking game,  there are many other networking platforms available.  I have compared Xing to LinkedIn but now we will be looking at Xing vs. 301 more words

Social Media Networks