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The Closing Prints - Weekly Analysis $SPY $TLT $IWM $DJIA $GLD $XLF $USO $IBB $DXY $TNX

The Closing Print. Every week I am going to pull up the weekly chart of indices or sectors and give my opinion on what they look like and what may be ahead. 452 more words


Bears Can't Even Win when the Market is Closed. 14 Straight Higher Lows $ES_F

Lol, the Bears are losers. $ES_F has held above the prior low for 12 straight days since the election. This is not BEARISH


Financials are NOT Bearish, not a SINGLE ONE $XLF $SPY

The Financials are leading, everyone knows this, but I am not sure participants understand what exactly the information the Financials are telling us. Take a look at these charts. 62 more words


Deutch Bank should be bought on all pullbacks. $DB

$DB…the dreadful bank that was crashing and crashing and dropped the lows and everyone was bearish. Capitulated. Seen in the chart below. The monthly volume and capitulation at the lows has already seen a 50% rise off the sub 12 bottom. 54 more words



I’ve tried to be pretty consistent ..sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. When the SELL pattern on the banking index appeared it was, in fact, a beauty. 11 more words

Pre-Election 2016 Market Thoughts

This is the first election I have followed and am voting in, and it has definitely been one for the record books. I am glad this will come to an end this week so the market will finally stop treading water. 216 more words

Banking Index- they don't get any better than this ... PATTERNS at their finest. (sorry, changed the title)

Wow, doing some chart surfing before I try to Stand Up Paddleboard after my son’s basketball game (TRY is the operative word) and simply jamming to “I am the Highway” by Soundgarden … isn’t Chris Cornell’s voice simply fantastic.   201 more words