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The government’s favorite sector has the scariest long-term chart

Stocks in financial industry experienced ugly decline since the Chinese market glut, it is now again put in the test. Find out here, these charts tell us some interesting points where the index may head soon. 10 more words

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Deih – New Mural in UpNorth Festival

Street artist Deih recently went out to Norway where he painted another brilliant graphic mural. The muralist was invited by the UpNorth Festival to paint the wall, where a number of other fantastic artists will be participating.


Deih XLF - New Mural in Istanbul

Spanish street artist Deih XLF was recently invited to Istanbul where he painting a massive mural for the Mural Istanbul Festival. Along with an A-list of mural artists, Deih painted an explosive comic book styled piece that spans a 4-story building.


$ITB Home Construction Index - SELL PATTERN complete

also, note how correlated the $ITB is with $XLF.

did a blog post for @seeitmarket on the financials: http://www.seeitmarket.com/whats-next-for-the-financial-sector-etf-xlf-14447/

watch this pattern – closely.

good weekend to you. 15 more words

Goldman Sachs has a new intern rule: Go home at midnight

If Wall Street interns are like overworked Cinderellas, Goldman Sachs is the fairy godmother this year, telling its investment banking interns to leave before the clock strikes midnight. 353 more words

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FAZ - Short Financials (3x Leverage)

Markets have blown bubble bigger and bigger last fewer days without any major or certainty ahead. Greece’s issues have not stablized yet. Despite low gas price, retail doesn’t add more. 66 more words

2015/2/11 - Eurodrama Encore

The trading session was a whipsaw within 15pt range, and in the middle of the dya we had positive headlines out of Russia that the cease-fire in Ukraine will continue to hold. 214 more words

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