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Guide To Voice Acting: Voice-Over Equipment

  • Do you need some assistance in what you should buy to record voice overs? Look no further than this guide.

    Sam Mallery, created a guide, “A Guide to Voice-Over Equipment” for voice actor to inform you of what kind of equipment is required for a quality recording for your next voice over.

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Voice Acting

DIY Microphone: EM172 Capsule and XLR Plug

This is the last in a four part series about powering the Primo EM172 microphone capsule. Part 1 outlined the problem of how to provide 5-10v to the capsule and predicted some results. 1,342 more words


Powering the EM172 Capsule - Part 3: Capitulation

I made up my mind about powering my EM172 microphones. Ultimately this decision had less to do with how I was powering the microphones than how I was plugging the mics into the recorder.  670 more words


Balanced and unbalanced lines

Hello, this time we will talk about an important topic in audio. It is related to how to interconnect equipment, this is: balanced and unbalanced lines. 707 more words


Eastwood Saturn 63

Eastwood Guitars specializes in making affordable modern instruments stylized either directly or indirectly from out-of-production instruments of yesteryear, the wilder the shape the better. Long story short, Eastwood makes groovy guitars, as evidenced by this very groovy Saturn 63. 209 more words


Líneas balanceadas y desbalanceadas

Por: Ing. Marco Galván, MBA.

Que tal, en esta ocasión vamos a hablar de un tema importante en el audio que se relaciona con la manera de interconectar equipos: las líneas balanceadas y desbalanceadas. 803 more words