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Balanced and unbalanced lines

Hello, this time we will talk about an important topic in audio. It is related to how to interconnect equipment, this is: balanced and unbalanced lines. 707 more words


Eastwood Saturn 63

Eastwood Guitars specializes in making affordable modern instruments stylized either directly or indirectly from out-of-production instruments of yesteryear, the wilder the shape the better. Long story short, Eastwood makes groovy guitars, as evidenced by this very groovy Saturn 63. 209 more words


Líneas balanceadas y desbalanceadas

Por: Ing. Marco Galván, MBA.

Que tal, en esta ocasión vamos a hablar de un tema importante en el audio que se relaciona con la manera de interconectar equipos: las líneas balanceadas y desbalanceadas. 803 more words


Solder paste and some new audio jacks

I bought some TRS 1/4″ phone jacks and some female XLR jacks for use with my DI box. Sometimes, there are mixers which only have balanced TRS inputs like the Mackie VLZ series consoles and I do not have such cables. 58 more words


If some genes and neuronal structure XLR8 Plus fixed tells

We live in the golden age of brain research that could revolutionize the way we think, feel and behave.

This can be seen through vision technology, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MIRf), and the location… 266 more words

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Solid Core Copper vs. Stranded Copper Audio Cables

The way audio cables are constructed can certainly make a difference to their sonic characteristics. Over the past several years I have been comparing the sound transmission characteristics of different copper conductors. 638 more words