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Worn out XLR plugs in hotel board-room

A couple of months back, I was at a hotel and we tried to plug our mics into a floor receptacle in the board-room. After the event was over, we tried ti unplug our XLR mics and to our horror, the XLR socket came out with the plug! 73 more words


XLR plugs from CPC UK

Most of the time, when we are fixing or terminating XLR plugs, the brand in question is almost always Neutrik. That is why while I was at a customer’s place a couple of days back, and they asked me to terminate a new XLR plug for them, they gave me this packet, with a new XLR plug inside it. 91 more words


ebike connectors

What connectors and cables are used in e-bikes – Many many of us immediately remove the kit connectors and replace them with our current favorite connectors. 944 more words


Spare XLR cables and plugs

Just last week, I was stripping down the training room of a client’s place. That training room had a huge video wall, complete with a good audio setup. 65 more words


Balancing Your Audio

If anyone out there is reading this blog but happens not to follow me on Twitter, first off, let me tell you you’re missing some gems. 1,332 more words

Audio Preservation

Guide To Voice Acting: Voice-Over Equipment

  • Do you need some assistance in what you should buy to record voice overs? Look no further than this guide.

    Sam Mallery, created a guide, “A Guide to Voice-Over Equipment” for voice actor to inform you of what kind of equipment is required for a quality recording for your next voice over.

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Voice Acting

DIY Microphone: EM172 Capsule and XLR Plug

This is the last in a four part series about powering the Primo EM172 microphone capsule. Part 1 outlined the problem of how to provide 5-10v to the capsule and predicted some results. 1,342 more words