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ProCo MS-2 mic splitter

I sorta came across this ProCo MS-2 while clearing some junk from my office. The definition of “junk” here states that it is stuff that is forgotten about and will not be used in the near future. 198 more words


💥SOLARIS XLR 💥KUCOIN Voting Bounty ⚡ zXLR ⚡ Zerocoin ⚡ Masternode ⚡

Solaris XLR was released on 18th March. On Saturday  07 October at  14:00 UTC the Solaris blockchain was relaunched . The former Nist5 algorithm was replaced by XEVAN. 1,526 more words


Megas XLR: Chicks Dig Giant Robots!

In my most recent posts, I’ve made it abundantly clear that I really like Gurren Lagann. Not that it’s the “best show ever” or anything, but it’s certainly enjoyable. 1,161 more words


Minor Setback

I was in a great mood. After an entire month’s delay, my new PC had finally arrived. I could start installing all my stuff again, and best of all, the fans on this machine are super quiet. 133 more words

Voice Over

Maruni professional microphone cable

I came upon some leftover microphone cable while tidying up my office. I asked anyone of they knew who wanted it but they said that they had no use for it. 142 more words


Plastic XLR connector

I was at a client’s place and when setting up their system, i noticed this XLR plug that was supposed to be connected to a microphone. 109 more words


Belden 1813A microphone cable

I have been using Belden cables for my microphones for years. The only other brand that I think that can match them are probably Canare cables. 58 more words