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TV Club

Before joining a club in college be completely aware that being part of a club is like having another class. It takes up time, but is… 252 more words

Westfield State University

#161MC : Health & Safety In The Television Studio

Cables & XLR Handling

Don’t wrap the cables around the elbows as this can cause, damage to the elbow and damages the wires inside the cable. 178 more words


Yoga DM-868 Dynamic Microphone Review.

Though not strictly a piece of PC hardware, you can connect XLR microphones to PC’s as I covered in this article. The Yoga DM-868 is a dynamic microphone for singers, as such its set up as a cardioid mic.This means it could also be used by streamers and YouTubers, as a majority of the time they are looking for a cardioid set up. 360 more words


Audio Cable Types and Usage (Analog) - Lesson 1

Heyo folks! I’m Brandon Taillon (Brando), from Ottawa, Canada! (Yes. It’s really snowy here, and cold… haha!) Today I’d like to explain the 4 main types of cables you’re likely to encounter when dealing with an… 717 more words


Sound and the Superbowl

There are three reasons people watch the Superbowl:

1. The game (YEAH PATS!)

2. The commercials

3. The halftime show

This year’s halftime show was, in terms of tech, fairly unbelievable. 152 more words

Cadillac XLR

The Cadillac XLR was based on the Corvette, but got a different setup for its suspension and it got a metal folding roof. Since the new Corvette has been unveiled, I wanted to make a Cadillac XLR based on the C7 Corvette. 20 more words