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Blinking Beautiful 2006 Cadillac XLR (62K) For Sale In Alton, NH -- Reduced To A Giveaway At $27,900.

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by Anura Guruge

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Anura Guruge

Seismic Spotlight: SA-DI1 Passive Direct Box

One of the more crucial items for everyone’s gig bag is the DI Box.  It works on stage and, just as effectively, in the studio.  If you have never used one, you may not know what exactly it is doing.   372 more words

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Female XLR to 1/4" TRS

I was looking at a mixer the other day because I might be working with one that has stereo balanced inputs, in 1/4″ TRS format. Now, I know I bought a couple of… 96 more words


Alto KICK15 - was: R9599 NOW: R6999


  • 4-channel mixer with stereo line inputs on each channel and an XLR input on Channel 1
  • 400 Watts peak power, 200 Watts continuous…
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不是小喇叭@有源ELAC 單元之選 (上)

對於只可以係房仔玩HIFI的 「環境鬥士」們,大家都應該明白到器才的 “大小” 有多重要,縱然有心儀的玩具,一個小小的房間根本就容不下件頭較大的玩具。話說好多年之前小弟已經心儀 JBL 12寸的大喇叭4429,就算今天終於儲夠銀彈,但又怎忍心將4429這個龐然大物屈就於一個窄小的空間內呢 !! 再講,將一對12寸的喇叭在細房內開聲,我相信聽到BOOMING多過食飯….

既然空間不足,書架(BOOKSHELF)喇叭就是不二之選。在 2 CHANNEL 的傳統上,書架喇叭一般都是採用無源設計,即喇叭本身只有分音及單元 (DRIVING UNIT) ,再接上外置的放大器 (AMPLIFIER)才可以開聲。但近件流行的CAS卻來個反傳統,以有源喇叭(ACTIVE SPEAKER)為主流。有源喇叭除了內置放大器外,更採用主動式分音,以及先分音、後放大的設計。


(1) 有源喇叭內的放大器多採用開關式電源 (SWITCHING POWER),而開關式電源一向都是HIFI愛好者所能不接受的 !

(2) 有源喇叭的售價較高,一般都是HI-END用家的天下,因此未能普及 90 more words


AC and XLR cable combo for active speakers

I saw this cable being sold on Musician’s Friend and I was asking myself…why do they not have something like this sold in Singapore? This is not the first time when I wished that I lived in the USA. 158 more words