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MediaStar® Balanced Microphone XLR Male to Female Extension Cable - 50' : 71-1580

BALANCED CABLES Cables with a 3-pin XLR connector on each end, male to female, for use with balance amplifiers. For any MediaStar microphone.
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New cables for a temporary replacement mixer

Just last night, one of my colleagues told me that the Mackie mixer belonging to a client of mine has issues so it must be sent for repair. 216 more words


Cables for Polycom ceiling ball mics

I have a customer that wanted to get the mic cables attached to his Polycom ceiling ball mics lengthened. So what we did was to got to the Polycom distributor and bought some cables. 92 more words


Fixing a Broken XLR #2


A few months ago, I was gifted a broken XLR by my MD from college. At first I was non-plussed and unsure of what to do with this damaged cable (the cabling had been partially severed in a couple of places), and so it lay in my collection of audio equipment unused and unloved for a while. 107 more words


Fixing a broken XLR (By Making Two More) #1

This is my first in a series of posts about my endeavour to take a broken XLR to XLR cable I’ve been given and turn it into two different XLR cables. 34 more words


Worn out XLR plugs in hotel board-room

A couple of months back, I was at a hotel and we tried to plug our mics into a floor receptacle in the board-room. After the event was over, we tried ti unplug our XLR mics and to our horror, the XLR socket came out with the plug! 73 more words


XLR plugs from CPC UK

Most of the time, when we are fixing or terminating XLR plugs, the brand in question is almost always Neutrik. That is why while I was at a customer’s place a couple of days back, and they asked me to terminate a new XLR plug for them, they gave me this packet, with a new XLR plug inside it. 91 more words