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Amega amp/mixer - part 2

The speaker appears to be a replacement; made in Mexico. The amp card to the right has 4 cables coming out of it, 3 long with a 6 pin connector and a short one with the female equivalent. 168 more words


Amega amp/mixer, part 1

I picked up this Amega model M-2 amp/mixer combo at an antique fair for cheap. This thing is stupid heavy. Real portable.

The 5 black tabs on the front are removable solid state amp cards.  247 more words


Balanced Signals - XLR

The XLR cable is a fantastic system for preserving signal quality over long distances, but the way it works is difficult to understand. Hopefully this mini guide will help! 142 more words


Beware of some "made in China" XLR plugs

I made the horrible mistake of buying these black China-made XLR plugs. Yes. I know the saying…you get what you pay for. Honestly, I had good fortune with some other China XLRs but these…stay away from them. 65 more words


Stranded Copper Wire vs. Solid Core Copper Audio Wire

The way audio cables are constructed can certainly make a difference to their sonic characteristics. Over the past several years I have been comparing the sound transmission characteristics of different copper conductors. 69 more words


Whirlwind XLR jacks and plugs

I posted an article in this blog some time back about a Whirlwind DI box. That DI box has been with me for many years and is still going strong. 94 more words


ITT Cannon XLR jacks

One thing I love about these ITT Cannon jacks of old is that they are built tough and I have a couple of them, still soldered to the cables they were originally soldered on…30 years and counting. 64 more words