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Movie Threequals

Movie Threequals

(Give us the name of the third movie)

  1. Friday, Next Friday. Friday After Next
  2. Pirates of the Caribbean: The curse of the black pearl, Dead Mans Chest, …
  3. 83 more words

Episode Thirty

I am finally though the Draw the Marvel Way speed run! That’s not to suggest I am not enjoying the magazine it is just my OCD wasn’t satisfied with having a whole collection sitting there waiting to be worked through. 403 more words


My review of 'Logan'

I’m not a huge Johnny Cash fan, however, his video of Trent Reznor’s song ‘Hurt’ is one of my favorite videos. It so perfectly typifies Johnny, his career and life. 756 more words

Simon Kinberg is going to be writing and directing X-Men: Dark Phoenix the next X-Men film

The most recent X-Men movie was last year it was X-Men: Apocalypse, this film was reboot. the film had a brand new cast and was set in an alternative timeline. 291 more words


X-men? No.

It is rant time again. Normally I reserve my rants for real life, keeping my written rants to a blessed minimum. No one wants to read daily whines, not when you can be entertained by them on YouTube. 932 more words


The Checklist

I am insane.

This is purely a statement of observation – Which many friends and family can attest to. Before I committed the “Culling of Spreadsheets Massacre” of 2015, I had over 500 spreadsheets either I had created or had used in my Google Drive. 584 more words

Moving Abroad

Simon Kinberg to Direct X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX; Cast Confirmed

After months of speculation, Fox has finally announced that writer/producer Simon Kinberg will direct the next installment of the X-Men franchise. 68 more words