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LookUp Filtering Using form Value By Javscript

Filtered LookUp  Using form Value By Javscript :-

Contact entity has the lookup of account entity. The Account lookup must show the related Email Accounts based on email of contact entity. 104 more words


Convert XML to Java Classes

To convert a given XML file to Java Classes we need two tools:

  1. xsd-gen
  2. xjc

xsd-gen is a tool which comes as part of… 134 more words


Download SysExporter.exe and extended keygen / freeware

#3 Most Popular Tool – System Exporter 1.75 is a small utility. Grab data from list-view, tree-view, combo box, WebBrowser control and text-box. Free software download for USB drive and cloud drives. 191 more words


SQL - Select into XML structure

from imp_dataSource d
join def_mapping m on m.sup_propertyCode = d.sup_propertyCode
where m.sup_familyCode = d.sup_familyCode or m.sup_familyCode ='GENERIC'
and m.map_type in ('SIMPLE', 'COMPLEX')
and d.sup_propertyValue != '' and d.sup_propertyValue is not null
order by d.sup_familyCode, d.sup_productCode, d.sup_propertyCode
for xml auto, type, elements, root('Products')