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Cara Daftar Sitemap Blog WordPress di Google

Secara sederhana, sitemap (peta situs) adalah halaman HTML yang mengandung daftar semua halaman yang ada di suatu situs (web or blog). Peta ini dapat berbentuk XML (untuk Google) dan TXT (untuk Yahoo). 328 more words

Read XML in PHP from .Net Web Service

$url = 'your-webservice-url-here';
$xp =  new DomDocument();
$tables = $xp->getElementsByTagName('Table');
foreach($tables as $table){
	$nodeA = $table->getElementsByTagName('ORDER_NUMBER');
	echo $nodeA->item(0)->nodeValue;
Parse Xml In Php

Readable configuration files

From time to time it may be necessary to develop a software where you have to configure each run of the software or use a predefined configuration to run it. 662 more words

Android Transparent Colors

Usually when you create the design for an Android app we must add some transparency to different UI elements according to the requirements.

In order to have a transparent background, but not fully transparent, you should compute the hex number assigned to the desired percent of transparency in the alpha channel. 788 more words


Integrating New Relic with WSO2 Carbon products

New Relic is a popular performance monitoring system which provided realtime analytics such as performance, memory usage and cpu usage, threads, web page response time etc. 305 more words

UCS Launcher

Bringing everything together, The UCS Launcher was our new platform to deliver projects to clients, and easily and effortlessly push new updates through our server. With this project I planned and created all of the back-end architecture and a big portion of the front-end as well, apart from the overall design. 64 more words


Dynamically run selected tests

Moving forward with making deployment take less time, one huge improvement is to make use of Salesforce feature to run selected tests. One big change when doing this is that now you will need to have at least 75% code coverage in each class that you are deploying and at least 1% in each trigger that is part of that package, against the normal deployments where you need to have at least an overall 75% code coverage. 1,238 more words