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How to convert xml into text file [python]

import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET
tree = ET.parse(‘test.xml’)
notags = ET.tostring(tree.getroot(), encoding=’utf-8′,method=’text’)
f = open(‘test.txt’,’w’)

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Beyond Scripting in Swift: Decoding a property list

I have a love-hate relationship with property lists: although they’re quite a good universal solution for storing preferences and many other settings, there’s no good tool bundled with macOS to work with them, and accessing them in your own apps can be very frustrating. 716 more words


[XML series] Bài 01: Giới thiệu

Kì này mình có học môn tích hợp dữ liệu và XML. Vậy nên mình viết vài bài về topic này để review lại kiến thức :D… 980 more words


The K2 SmartForms Set Language Control


The Set Language control enables a limited multilingual capability for K2 SmartForms. The control was developed by a developer at K2, though the control is not officially supported as part of the K2 SmartForms product. 1,143 more words


Integrating - AWS EC2 (MySQL) to Mirth Engine

For this post. I have purchased a personal EC2 instance in AWS environment (a free tier for one year). Specifically an Amazon-AMI Image AWS instance with… 1,272 more words

Mirth Tool

[KACE] Symantec Endpoint Protection SyLink Custom Inventory Field

To add a Custom Inventory Field (CIF) in Kace for Symantec Endpoint Protection SyLink, use the below Custom Inventory Rule (CIR)

ShellCommandTextReturn(powershell.exe "invoke-command -ScriptBlock {write-host ((Get-Content -Path 'C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection\CurrentVersion\Data\Config\syLink.xml')).SelectSingleNode('//Server[1]').address} -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue" 2> nul) 16 more words
Computers And Internet

AJAX - Asynchronous JavaScript and XML

If you are working with a webpage that have database connectivity then it is necessary that data displayed in the webpage have a synchronisation with the database. 215 more words