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Using XSD to Share Common Types Between XML

XML and XSD.

I’ve finally made it to the third year of my course in school. I’m dead tired and now I have to learn… 3,526 more words


Spark + Removing Empty XML tags

The below spark program will read a set of XML files, parse it and then remove the empty tags and finally write the output as a sequence file. 129 more words


Avid, why do I have to dig in a XML-file?

The displeasure started for me when I wanted to change the functions of the assignable knobs on the S3 (e.g. I wanted to have the automation controls on the left). 600 more words

XML commenting for ACI

ACI Version – 1.2(2h)

This little curio has had me questioning my sanity for the last couple of hours so thought it would be a good idea to throw this up here to help others. 297 more words


Biztalk Recipe - Content Based Routing Example

This post is more about the technique rather than the scenario, so the solution is somewhat over engineered for what the scenario requires.
I generally create a separate Biztalk Server Project for Maps, Schemas, Orchestrations and Pipelines. 1,252 more words


Ipswitch WS_FTP ftp logs export

Hi everybody, hope you enjoy reading our blog! This time I will write about Ipswitch WS_FTP ftp server and how did we extract logs from it. 1,332 more words


When Your C# deserialize fails

I had a problem deserializing some real world XML into classes created by doing an Edit \ Paste Special \ Paste XML as classes in Visual Studio 2012. 1,103 more words

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