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Add custom fetch XML to subgrid lookup

In this blog, I am going to show how we can change subgrid lookup behavior. Basically, I want to control custom N:N contact subgrid lookup, depend on company lookup that is on the contact form. 438 more words


Do we know what we're estimating?

One of many things that working on the separate plates has gotten me thinking about is how we conceptualize units of space. Doing the textual transcriptions for the separate plates requires that we use a lot of <space/> and <vspace/> tags. 365 more words


What is XML Validation?

XML Validation is the process of making sure that XML documents/schemas comply by the rules of the language. This process is similar to compiling of a VBA program. 34 more words

What are XML Schemas?

XML Schemas are text documents written in XML schema language that describe the structure of XML documents.

XML Schemas can be considered as the definition of your language… 42 more words

Introduction to XML

Introduction to XML
XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language, and has generated significant interest ever since Microsoft’s decision to add XML support to Office applications. While HTML’s purpose is for displaying data, XML’s more relates to carrying data. 323 more words

Office Deployment Tool

There may be times when we want to selectively Install Applications on a Computer or we might want to test the Updates before they are released to the Users. 213 more words

Office 365 Admin

Today I Thought - about a xml parser

Disclaimer: My train of thoughts may or may not be the best practices or worst practices. Some contexts might be missing.

What is it about? 345 more words

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