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Scraping RStudio blogs to establish how "pleased" Hadley Wickham is.

This is reposted from DavisVaughan.com with minor modifications.


A while back, I saw a conversation on twitter about how Hadley uses the word “pleased” very often when introducing a new blog post (I couldn’t seem to find this tweet anymore. 2,665 more words


XML Integration

XML integration | For SSPs and DSPs, Atomx offers OpenRTB and XML integration. We adopted the OpenRTB standard for online display buying and selling. For pop we support the de facto XML standard. 50 more words


Hands On ETL, Part 1


Like most DBAs I have become accustomed to using a particular set of tools when loading data into a database. For me the “go to” tools are SSIS and Linked Servers. 1,102 more words

[C Language] How to extract substring between two words

   srcs: source string
   Dest: destination of string
   froms: firt word to match
   Tos: second word to match
   return: 1 successufull otherwise error

int extractContent(char *srcs, char* Dest ,char* froms,char* Tos)
	int iret;
	char *resultS;
	char *resultE;
	int len;
	int lentoken;
	if(resultS!=NULL)//first string found
		if(resultE!=NULL)//second string found


	return iret;

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C Language

Modifying Group Policy Preferences Registry collections with PowerShell

Ok guys, loosely sticking with the VDI infrastructure in Azure topic, I needed some automation around Group Policies – seeing as VDI is all about automation and scalability, I didn’t want the solution being hindered by too many manual processes (like maintaining GPO’s for new sites/VMs etc). 633 more words


Read file geodatabase domains with GDAL and use XML schema

As I keep working on the registrant Python package, I have decided to add support for generating report about file geodatabase for a case when you don’t have any ArcGIS software installed on a machine yet would like to use the package. 252 more words

Esri GIS Software