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FHIR, The Big Bits

Fast Health Interoperability Resources or FHIR (pronounced “fire”) is a relative newcomer in Health IT, and the latest generation of HL7 standards. It is also somewhat unusual in that it is being made available free of charge, and is being developed through an open process in this post I explore a few of the main concepts underlying FHIR (the “big bits”), and why it is perhaps different from its predecessors. 479 more words

Health IT

The Redalyc JATS project strides towards standardisation.

Every now and then we hear news that is music to our ears and this time its news from Redalyc who have recently announced their project to transition their journals to the JATS XML format. 380 more words


Parsing XML in Swift 3

Parsing XML has always bothered me in Swift. The NSXMLParser class doesn’t actually parse the XML structure into Swift objects, rather it traverses the XML structure, pinging its delegate whenever it discovers something new, like an XML element or attribute, and then leaves it up to you to make something of it. 51 more words


Foot Locker XML Tables

XML tables (with and without XSL stylesheets) of data for Foot Locker shoes. One set features data tailored for runners while the other features data tailored for shoe collectors. 52 more words

Sterling application automation using web services

Below is the step by step process to automate Sterling application in java. Here, we are going to automate order fulfillment process using web services and XML files. 891 more words

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Fire 0.1 Released

I’ve just released version 0.1 of Fire, a simple open source application written in C# 6 using VS 2015. This release is named Phoenix, the project has risen from the ashes. 854 more words


Convert JSON to XML

If you need to convert a JSON string (e.g. JSON response from a web service) to XML, following simple approach can be used. Here I use Jackson classes for handling JSON. 199 more words