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When to Choose SQL and When to Choose NoSQL

Some people make architecture decisions purely based on the loudest consultant:

@xeraa @lukaseder no, we base all our important architectural decisions on # of tweets. It's a Twitter Oriented Architecture ;)

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2408 (self in xml)


SAX parsing in Perl

  there is an example of sax parsing in CVS: perl_examples/sax_parsing

C#: Parsing a CSPROJ (Project) File Using XPath

Using XPath in C# can be done several different ways through a several built-in libraries, and none of them work unless you are a lot more familiar with the file than would be required in many other languages. 118 more words


XML parsing with python

Consider the following xml file:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
 <config version="6.1.0" urldb="paloaltonetworks">
      <entry name="admin">

Root of the above xml file is “ 172 more words


LINQ to XML techniques: adding a processing instruction

In this post we saw how to add a declaration to an XML document. A well-formatted XML document starts with a declaration whose main function is to declare formally that the upcoming document is of the XML type. 559 more words



I’m a big fan of passing data to and from stored procedures (sprocs) as XML, especially XML that represents a complete object, or a list or hierarchy of objects. 719 more words

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