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XNA Game Development samples and tutorial, shared by my colleague Islam Rehan

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Episode 25 - Ethan Lee, FNA

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Ethan Lee is a software engineer based out of Georgia, who has a history of working on what previously XNA, but is now his own open source fork of the project. 164 more words


REVIEW: Block King 2

Much like the original, the genius (those always judging books by their covers would say anti-genius) of Block King 2 ($1.00) isn’t in its basic, blocky… 450 more words

Xbox Live Indie Games

Episode 24 - Kevin Giguère, Dragon Slumber

Watch the video here! (I can’t embed videos on this page)

Kevin Giguère is a  programmer in his thirties from Quebec, Canada, and the man behind Dragon Slumber, a studio behind the SNES inspired  RPG  55 more words


Episode 23 - Sean Colombo, Blueline Games

Sean Colombo has been making games for 15 years. After quitting college to run web-startup “LyricWiki”, he sold the site to Wikia in 2009. 94 more words


Virtex Edge Dev Blog: Porting 2D Game Play

This week I’ve posted about the experience of porting over from XNA under Windows too MonoGame under both Windows and Linux within a 2D Game. 99 more words