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Elemental Shards

Elemental Shards is a puzzle game that was original prototyped during my time at FIEA. It was originally written in Adobe Flash using ActionScript. I later took that code and rewrote it in XNA with the intent to port my original design to Xbox 360. 552 more words



Maxination was a game about a boy who had the power to push/pull attributes from objects. For example pulling from a rock would result in becoming heavy like a rock. 55 more words


Run Run run

Run Run Run was originally conceived as a Kinect game project where two individuals would have to work together to guide to “Squids” to the end of a stage. 94 more words


Leaving for Ireland today!

I’m leaving for Ireland today! I accidentally got to the airport three hours early, so I decided to sit in a bar and watch tv. The view from the bar window was pretty cool though. 38 more words

REVIEW: More Fun With Twins

Hmm, More Fun With Twins ($1.00), you say? I mean, it sounds like a challenge, so let’s go ahead and dissect that affirmative statement posing as a game title that’s… 424 more words

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UCL Synthetic Biology Showcase 2015

Friday, 10th July

UCL is one of the research powerhouses in Synthetic Biology in the UK, significantly contributing to the field in a number of areas. 130 more words


REVIEW: Loot or Die

I may get some hate mail / bewildered comments for this, but what the hell; in a lot of ways (and certainly in the spots where it really counts),  859 more words

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