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REVIEW: Death Quota R

If I’m going ahead and making grand assumptions1 here, I’m going to assume that the ‘R’ in Death Quota R ($1.00) almost certainly stands for… 479 more words

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REVIEW: Loot Or Die 2

For me, the first Loot or Die was an enjoyable shooter that scratched a 2D Destiny-like itch, handing over generous amounts of loot in exchange for a run through simplistic space environments filled with various, spongy enemies… 598 more words

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Monotroid Devlog 3: Animations

Previously, I discussed the basic structure of my engine and demonstrated the use of a series of managers to handle various actions that the engine must perform, such as content loading and input handling. 1,248 more words


MonoTroid Devlog 2: Basic Engine

All of my engines have the same general structure, which I’ve repeated and improved on with each iteration. Through this, I believe I have developed a decent, if simple, method of handling everything, such as loading, input handling and the update-draw loop. 1,200 more words


REVIEW: Dizeaze

As developer NeuronVexx’s last game on XBLIG, Dizeaze ($1.00) fits comfortably in the ‘FPS zombie survival1‘ mold that’s come before it, similar in style to the… 718 more words

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REVIEW: Last Stand

As you can no doubt surmise from the screenshots, Ghere Games’ Last Stand ($1.00) is a wave shooter1 featuring the ever so undead, set in a dreary-looking underground bunker populated by yourself— the only ‘living’ resident— and a horde of snazzily-dressed yet oddly-shaped zombies. 363 more words

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Depth buffer with XNA: did I miss something or...

…it’s the biggest jackshit of all ? (or how people let you think they’re a lot skilled/better than you than they actually are.)

Working with… 1,541 more words