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REVIEW: Crypt of the Serpent King

Despite some stellar-looking titles in the bunch, I haven’t always enjoyed Rendercode Games‘ releases. They’ve occasionally been more about style over substance. But, generally speaking, each new title has been slightly better than the last in terms of its playability… 582 more words

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REVIEW: Space Battle

Both from a visual and a purely mechanical standpoint, there’s nothing new to see in the bland-sounding Space Battle1 ($1.00); it’s an amalgam of every twin-stick shooter set in space that you’ve ever played… 526 more words

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REVIEW: Game of Horror

Love it or hate it, plenty of indie titles have gone after the ‘jump scare’ market on console and / or PC, to varying degrees of success. 509 more words

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Solving My Programming Predicament

During this summer I’ve been getting frequent obligations to practice games programming. Any problems that I come across with this? It would have to be the question I ask myself every time: “What kind of game shall I make?”. 100 more words

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Welcome To The Beginning...

Hi all! We want to welcome you to our humble developer journal, aka command center. In the following days we will start filling this blog with the following information and content: 121 more words

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REVIEW: The Sexy Exorcist

Everyone needs a profession. If only for that fact that everyone has bills, and those bills need to be paid, one way or the other. Options for legitimate employment abound. 517 more words

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Elemental Shards

Elemental Shards is a puzzle game that was original prototyped during my time at FIEA. It was originally written in Adobe Flash using ActionScript. I later took that code and rewrote it in XNA with the intent to port my original design to Xbox 360. 552 more words