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REVIEW: Ultra Aktion!

Imagine if someone took yours and my beloved Contra, replaced every character and enemy with squares and rectangles, cut the game’s length down to a third, stripped it of most of its alien / 80s dudebro charm… 310 more words

Xbox Live Indie Games


Wala akong workstation ngayon sa bahay ko, dahil nadisassembled ako kasi wala akong maraming free space, kaya nag-gave ako ‘yan. Worth it pa! :)

Kaya, di ko alam ang susunod horas na pwede ako ginagawa programming ng XNA, kaya inisip ako about a new activity that magsimula ako. 79 more words



At outset,¬†APOC TOWN ($1.00) seems to be on the right track. It pairs two of my favorite things; the visual style and general feel of the developer’s previous, … 629 more words

Xbox Live Indie Games

Update for whoever reads this :)

I’m still programming happily at work, however for personal reasons outside of work, I haven’t had much time recently, so will be hoping to pick it up again soon. 99 more words


Game of Life Ported

So. I had a think about how I’d implement it through the day today and when I got home had a go at implementing it. 86 more words


Final touches on cow game for this moment in time

So, I’ve just got back and decided to add the game over function into my falling cow game.

You can lose the game and go to a game over screen, which will display your high score by dropping enough cows, that you will reduce your points to < 0. 111 more words


Cow Game Complete! (ish)

So i did some more work on the cow game yesterday and implemented the menu system.

I just need to implement the rules determining if it’s game over. 131 more words