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Bear Freedom

Download the build here

Ever wanted to know how it feels to be as free as a bear? Ever wanted to relax and play a 2D free-running experience? 269 more words

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REVIEW: Avatar Laser Attack

Though they’ve since branched out to other consoles and ideas, Strange Games Studios has been at the ‘FPS XBLIG’ game for a long time. Running between paintball wars and zombies wave shooters, they’ve generally offered up… 353 more words

Xbox Live Indie Games

REVIEW: Oft Horizon: Seascape

Oft Horizon: Seascape ($1.00) is a rare example of when ‘less is more’1 is applicable to my own personal videogame logic. Let me say up front: there’s not much to ‘do’ in this game, no goals or purpose driving it, no great evil to confront or enemies to fight. 390 more words

Xbox Live Indie Games

REVIEW: Sexy Flight

Of all the undesirable scenarios that have occurred due to Flappy Bird‘s existence as a thing1, the worst has to be the multitude of clones, knock-offs, and cheap imitations that the oft-maligned game has spawned. 418 more words

Xbox Live Indie Games

REVIEW: Crawlers and Brawlers

As the old adage goes, if you’ve played one procedurally-generated dungeon crawler you’ve played all procedurally-generated dungeon crawlers1. You’d be tempted to think the same of… 618 more words

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Smooth shadows for Geometry Dust CLouds

What my super early prototype of the “always on the road, always driving” gameplay looks like in gif form right now (not many skills or fun yet, but it works, not the newest shadows in this¬†gif yet) 1,840 more words


Battle Tanks is an AI game which myself and Udith Arosha built for the Tank Game Competition and we won the game by competing 3 teams at the grand finale. 192 more words