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Work from home lifestyle

You read about people working from home and traveling around the world in social media all the time. Is this really for everyone?

When I was working a regular office job in the Information and Technology industry I used to daydream about the possibilities of staying home on a rainy day and not having to worry about what I was gonna wear to work the next day.   869 more words


The Cheapest Way to Send Money to the Philippines

Do you send money to your family in the Philippines? I do too, and I found the best way to send money home. With Remitly, I can send fast, easy and secure. 202 more words


No Cyberspace for Old Men

This is another one of those things that occurred to me a while back, but it keeps cropping up whenever I think. I guess it fits with the purpose of this blog, so I figure I might as well discuss it here. 2,211 more words


Update on Money Transfer Providers

XE transitioned to a new international payments provider, HiFX, on 29 October. This morning, I’ve had to place my first trade with them since the change, so decided it was time to reevaluate… 653 more words