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Thank You for Following All This Semester!

This semester is about to end, and I have kept this blog for three months. Although this blog is actually a part of my semester-long project, I have had a lot of fun writing different kinds of posts, learning how to be a good blogger, and sharing my passion on ACG with all of you. 310 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge - Earth

A little corner of this Earth we share together!!!

This past Friday, I went on a field trip with my Curators’ Workshop crew to Refuge Cove, which lies a mere 30-minute boat ride away from Cortes Bay in beautiful British Columbia. 218 more words


I’d like to say that getting behind on something is ‘soooo unlike me’ but then I’d be lying to you. This is typical of me, and I’m not fond of that but it’s something I’ve been working on since the beginning of high school. 636 more words


“Love” the reason why our world go run.

The reason why we laugh and cry. When we are in Love we can create different world. A world that only you and me can understand. 211 more words




Okay so I’ll be honest, this may just be my latest thing or niche if you will just to keep me going in life. Alternately, this could be the beginning of a future and I guess no body really knows what’s gonna happen. 96 more words