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A Study in Pink | Final Project of the 1st Year

Before reading this post please check “Field Study“.

After we produced fields we cut them into three pieces and kept one of them for us, took the other 2 parts from others. 55 more words



First, the project has two parts and there are some voids in one part of them and the part involves main void also my strategy is branching from the main void and while branching , one aim is breaking visual relation between two part. 66 more words


Behind the Scenes

Only architects know the true horrors behind the soft hues of pink.


Field: Constructed and Broken Apart

After hours of physical labor and even longer hours of thinking process, our fields are finally done. I have stuck with my strategy of dividing the park into parts, but this time I dedicated some layers to some specific qualities. 144 more words


Deeper into the Field

What exactly is this suppused to be? No one knows.

Here is the 2nd trial for our fields. In this one my main focus was to break the two layered ‘sandwich’ structure. 99 more words


Welcome to the Field. Enjoy your stay.

It was a sweet bu short week, but everything continues after spring break. We knew we were going to work with this XPS foam, and we would be producing something which was related to our map studies. 75 more words


Microsoft screwup in Windows 10, v. 1803


I just installed Windows 10’s April 2018 update, version 1803.

Part of this update entails removing XPS reader software that was part of all previous versions of 10, and instructing us to find an app in the Store for it. 44 more words