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Dell XPS 13(9350) Quick Review

Only a small amount of tech products manage to provide an experience so memorable that you never want to use another product of the same lineage again. 355 more words


Dell pumps up performance and pixels for XPS laptop lineup

Dell impressed us earlier in the year when it released the XPS 13, a well-designed laptop that fit a 13-inch display into the same body size as an 11- or 12-inch laptop. 454 more words


Fedora 23 on a Dell XPS13 (part 1)

Taking advantage of a trip to Canada and a very favourableĀ CAN$:ā‚¬ exchange rate, I bought a Dell XPS13 (9350 or “late 2015”), following excellent reviews from around the web. 701 more words

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How Dell is taking on Apple to 'make the PC cool again'

If you think PCs have gone stale and Apple is among the few companies doing something right in the computer market, you’re not alone.

In an interview with… 955 more words