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Querying Tabular model XML/A with XPath

There can be various reasons to extract metadata from Tabular model, for example to compose documentation or logical model diagram. The next collections are useful from architectural point of view: 844 more words

Prepare test case in SoapUI using SQL script and custom properties

When prepare test case in SOAPUI, you might need to select a bunch of data from database to create your test cases. This can be done by using JDBC request as test steps in SoapUI. 146 more words


XML Namespaces 101

Back to basics with a focus on XML namespaces.
A lot of people still struggle to use and reference namespaces correctly in XML-related functions, and most often try random combinations until it works correctly. 1,760 more words


How To : using OUTER JOIN with XMLTABLE or XQuery

Here is a short reminder post about how to use or implement outer join in XMLTABLE or XQuery.

The typical scenario for which we would need to outer join is the flattening of a master-detail hierarchical structure with some logical records missing in the detail part. 1,770 more words


Tip: View document permissions in MarkLogic

MarkLogic is uber secure. So secure it doesn’t let you see role names when viewing document permissions. This tip shows you how to resolve this foible… 264 more words


XQuery Templates : SOAP UI for generating SOAP Response Templates

SOAP UI can be quite useful while developing OSB project ,in terms of readily generating response templates that can be used for


XQuery on the road


Read this if you are interested in running and developing code in XQuery on offline Android devices.

I like to travel and I like to write a bit of XML based code. 478 more words