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Transact SQL - XQuery - Error - "XQuery [query()]: Attribute may not appear outside of an element"


Stole one of Bob Beauchemin’s Code and had to understand it.

  1. Author :- Bob Beauchemin
  2. Topic :- Move over developers! SQL Server XQuery is actually a DBA tool…
  3. 878 more words

How To : Generate Empty XML Attributes

It is well-known that XML attributes may be generated using SQL/XML publishing function XMLAttributes().
It is also well-known that XMLAttributes() does not generate anything when passed an expression that evaluates to NULL : … 907 more words


SQLServer - Xquery - Using local-name


As always too little time to study, but I need to get a node’s name.

And, everything points at using local-name.

What is local-name? 832 more words


Generate XML from Data Tables

I was tasked with creating an API which would allow the user to call the API passing in the name of a database table and receiving an xml representation of the data in return.  647 more words

SQL Server

ExcelTable 1.6 : support for cell comments

Here’s the new version of ExcelTable, which can now extract cell comments as regular columns.
Not much change in the user interface, except an extended column syntax specification to declare a request for cell metadata instead of its value : … 713 more words


Openxml vs Xquery Performance

Openxml vs xquery whose performance is better? It really depends on what are you trying to do.


There are some occasions I need to parse and save content from xml into database. 505 more words


Java Developer

Location : krakow

  • First and foremost contribute to the development of our products and guide the future evolution of our systems
  • Apply best development practices…
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