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XQuery: Comparison operators for equality

SQL Server supports a subset of the XQuery language. One of features implemented within SQL Server XQuery are comparison operators. There are two kinds of comparison operators: 285 more words

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How to get full path of every XML element using XQuery and recursive Common Table Expressions


Code Snippet


  WITH XmlRec
  AS (
    SELECT    a.XmlCol.query('.') AS CurrentElement, 79 more words

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MarkLogic buddies up to JavaScript, throws shade at old pal XML

Database company MarkLogic has extended its NoSQL data store to work natively with JavaScript and the popular JSON data exchange format, in addition to the XML format it has long supported. 600 more words


Manipulating XML in MS-SQL using XQuery - a beginners guide

A link to a blog that can be used as the starting point for those who need to manipulate XML held in MS-SQL.


XPath vs XQuery

XPath vs XQuery XPath and XQuery are similar in some ways. XPath is even an integral part of XQuery. Both languages allow you to select bits of data from an XML document or an XML document store. 335 more words


Reading Bulk XML From File using SSMS


Large data mostly involvs Xml Contents. One can query Xml content in SQL Server management studio (SSMS)  when he xml is small.  Imagine there is a very large XML file , opening the xml file for edit and pasting the content of the xml file in  SSMS new query window is tedious and cumbersome. 1,176 more words


How To : Parse sibling repeating groups without wrapper element

Long time no post, so here’s a new (short) article.
Behind the cryptic title lies a situation like this :

… 632 more words