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XQuery 3.0 : We're getting closer...

Stumbled upon this while developing a user-defined operator (for a future work related to JSON) :

SQL> select operator_name, function_name, return_type
  2  from dba_opbindings
  3  where operator_name = 'XQWINDOWSEQUENCE';
OPERATOR_NAME       FUNCTION_NAME                         RETURN_TYPE
------------------- ------------------------------------- ------------------
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My first contribution to a W3C standard: The default-language() XPath / XQuery function

I felt honoured and happy when I was informed this week by XQuery co-inventor Jonathan ROBIE that my proposal https://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=28850 this week was accepted by the Xpath/Xquery working group at the W3C! 281 more words


Variables not in the namespace of the current library module

I’m playing around with serialization feature of XQuery 3.0, namely, the serialize function. I want to play around with the various options here, so I wanted to declare a function that serializes something according to a fixed “list” of parameters: 286 more words


Important guideline for Oracle SOA/OSB

Every time we do development in Oracle SOA suit, there is some basic and important guideline for that.

We can achieve task related to BPEL, OSB in many ways but there is always better or preferred way to achieve that development.   219 more words

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How To : Parse repeating groups correlated by position as relational data

Here’s a new post in the category “How to deal with that unfriendly design?”
Again, since the title is not very explicit, an example will surely explain it all : … 1,300 more words


Transformation of String to XML or XML to String Oracle OSB

Recently we stuck while doing transformation of String to XML using XQuery in OSB. We can any how achieve it via XQuery but here I am sharing our simplest way to do that. 109 more words

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Emitting processing instructions with XQuery

In my recent work on generating SVG, I was led to the problem of emitting processing instructions in my output XML. This was a bit of a novelty to me; I couldn’t quite figure out how to do this. 517 more words