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Emitting processing instructions with XQuery

In my recent work on generating SVG, I was led to the problem of emitting processing instructions in my output XML. This was a bit of a novelty to me; I couldn’t quite figure out how to do this. 517 more words

How to find execution plans with warnings and missing indexes

Starting with SQL Server 2005, execution plans include information about missing indexes and staring with SQL Server 2012 execution plans could include information regarding few warnings (ex. 454 more words


Hiring Sr OSM consultants with 5 to 6 years of experience

Job Description:

  • Hands on experience on OSM 7.x
  • Strong experience in Central Order Management, Service Order Management, Orchestration Modeling, Data Dictionary, Order Modeling, Process/Task Modeling, Inter Cartridge communication, OSM Deployment is expected.
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Getting started with XDM: The XQuery and XPath Data Model

If you’re interested in working with XQuery, it’s good if you can think like XQuery thinks. Similarly, if you are interested in XQuery, or moving on from XPath 1.0 or XSLT 1.0, it’s in your interest to get your mind right and start thinking the way these newer versions of XQuery and XPath would like you to think. 493 more words

XQuery: It's not just for queries!

Upon hearing about XQuery for the first time, you might get the impression that it’s all about running queries on XML. That’s understandable. Here’s the official summary of what XQuery is all about, coming straight from the W3C: 506 more words

XQuery: Comparison operators for equality

SQL Server supports a subset of the XQuery language. One of features implemented within SQL Server XQuery are comparison operators. There are two kinds of comparison operators: 285 more words

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New in XQuery 3.1: Maps and arrays

Although XQuery 3.0 fairly recently (April 10, 2014) reached Recommendation status within the W3C, the XQuery team is not sitting still.  XQuery 3.1 is being worked on;  as of writing, it has reached Candidate Recommendation status.   276 more words