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Tip: View document permissions in MarkLogic

MarkLogic is uber secure. So secure it doesn’t let you see role names when viewing document permissions. This tip shows you how to resolve this foible… 264 more words


XQuery Templates : SOAP UI for generating SOAP Response Templates

SOAP UI can be quite useful while developing OSB project ,in terms of readily generating response templates that can be used for


XQuery on the road


Read this if you are interested in running and developing code in XQuery on offline Android devices.

I like to travel and I like to write a bit of XML based code. 468 more words

How I made Markit CDS play nice with other databases

The problem

Markit CDS is a source for credit default swap data for quoted companies, private companies and governments. Academic researchers with access to a resource like this usually need to cross reference the securities’ fundamentals or financial data. 718 more words


Just noticed that since version 9.7 the well-known Saxon XSLT processor actually implements the fn:default-language function, which I invented back in 2015. I feel really excited! :-)


XQuery 3.0 : We're getting closer...

Stumbled upon this while developing a user-defined operator (for a future work related to JSON) :

SQL> select operator_name, function_name, return_type
  2  from dba_opbindings
  3  where operator_name = 'XQWINDOWSEQUENCE';
OPERATOR_NAME       FUNCTION_NAME                         RETURN_TYPE
------------------- ------------------------------------- ------------------
… 163 more words

My first contribution to a W3C standard: The default-language() XPath / XQuery function

I felt honoured and happy when I was informed this week by XQuery co-inventor Jonathan ROBIE that my proposal https://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=28850 this week was accepted by the Xpath/Xquery working group at the W3C! 281 more words