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She Wore FLWORs In Her Hair...

Okay, okay…that was a bad, bad pun.  As the parent of a teenage son, I view it as my Sacred Duty to toss out “groaners” to keep people on their toes. 716 more words

XQuery: Where do I begin?

You’ve  been working with SQL-based databases for years and years, and all of a sudden you are a captive audience on the NoSQL bandwagon.  Instead of tables and rows, you are now looking at XML documents (not to be confused with Word, Excel, bla bla documents). 711 more words

SQL Server - Extended Event - Metadata - Get Current Target File


For some optimization work that we are doing, I will like to know the name of the Extended Events’ Engine currently targeted file.

Code… 109 more words


XPath Query Tools - XmlToolBox


Lately I have been working more and more with Extended Events and prior to that Cached Plans exploration.

And, has both are stored as XML, it makes sense to see what tools are available for accurately querying XML data. 740 more words


SQL Server - Extended Events - Querying Data - Day 1


Once we have our Extended Events Session Setup and it is collecting data, we should occasionally check in and review the collected data.

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SQL Server - Extended Events - Metadata


In our last post, needed to back port an Extended Event Session developed in SQL Server 2014 to v2008/R2.

Unfortunately, the exported script did not work in our initial attempt to apply against the v2008-R2 Instance. 954 more words


Using Extended Events Telemetry Session

You are probably wondering what this is, quite honestly I was wondering too. Well it is an extended events session known as telemetry_xevents that is shipped with SQL Server 2016. 1,767 more words