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Hugs and kisses from Hattingdon Horses

I love this hugs and kisses inspired design first of all because Hattingdon looks adorable. Secondly, I love this design because there are so many wonderful ways you can use it. 265 more words


Center Stage’s “X’s and O’s” tackles the controversies of football

By: Mia White, Staff Writer

To many Americans, football season is a yearly ritual filled with a mixture of elation and excitement. To others, it is a mystifying, or even brutal, obsession. 528 more words


Scissors Hand-Off Lob Play by Andy Fitzgerald

Scissors Hand-Off Lob Play

Thanks to Andy Fitzgerald for sending in this lob play. The play starts in a 2-3 high set with all of the offensive players above the free-throw line. 306 more words


38.2 Winslow Corners quilt idea

I have had the privilege of sewing many days after work this week. Mindless sewing mainly from leaders & enders I was putting into place from a while ago. 636 more words

Quilting Design

Tic-Tac-Toe Affection, and Apologies


I’ve been thinking: We all throw those X’s around, but those are kisses. I guess it’s because just O’s would look like nothing, literally. 764 more words


How the Warriors Get Steph So Open

Probably 13 plays on this video you can add to your lacrosse playbook.

Would be fascinating to see the differences in Xs and Os between Kerr and Jackson’s playbook.

Via The Big Lead


X Marks the A to Z Spot...

The Letter X

X’s and O’s

AKA, Noughts and Crosses, Tic-Tac-Toe, and various other names. A beloved children’s game for two players, it is believed to date back to the Roman Empire or earlier. 148 more words