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How Kenny Atkinson has built a modern offense for the Brooklyn Nets, now and for the future

(image via Empire Writes Back)

The Brooklyn Nets are in flux. By rebuilding, the Nets are not just signing new players and staff. The entire franchise is changing. 3,050 more words


XOXO - Kisses and Hugs

You see those letters and automatically know what it means. Kiss, Hug, Kiss, Hug.

But when where these letters first used to express these affections? 413 more words


End Line Plays

Are you prepared to score off of end line restarts?

All in on fish hooks.

The Winter of Xs and Os is coming.


Dak Prescott, package plays, and Chris Brown of Smart Football.

It is going to be near-impossible for me to be objective about Dak Prescott. He is a Dallas Cowboy and he graduated from the same high school I did. 65 more words



HERE’S an example of something I hope to see the Eagles do quite a bit. Keep in mind it doesn’t have to be this exact play (though it should), but something that does what this play does would be a great go-to play. 417 more words


Jim's and Joe's

I’ve recently been thinking about our mid-season break; we took some time to assess how the plays and formations we were running didn’t work and what we could do to fix it all. 619 more words

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