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#MKEDOTNET 2017 was a blast!

This past Saturday I attended MKE DOT NET for the third time. MKE DOT NET is a .NET developer conference based in the Milwaukee area. The previous two years the conference was held in a hotel in Pewaukee. 724 more words


CISCO fixes multiple flaws in it's products

Cisco has fixed 15 vulnerabilities affecting a dozen products, including two high severity flaws that could be exploited by attackers to trigger a denial of service condition or bypass local authentication. 260 more words

Hack Story _ How Exploit Chaining on Newgrounds led to Command Injection [_2015]

I always wanted to retell the story of how I discovered 3 different exploits on Newgrounds led to a serious fourth one, command injection, that I had full access to NG’s back end. 451 more words

How to handle XSS exploits in Spring/Angular application?

So your security testing team has advised you to protect your app against the notorious Cross-site scripting (XSS) attack. We are all aware of its ramifications, if an attack was to really materialize. 185 more words


Orangescrum 1.6.1 Multiple Vulnerabilities (3) – Persistent XSS

Now, we are in the third bug of orangescrum 1.6.1. The bug is persistent XSS.


Open task, chose html editor, reply with your XSS code… 31 more words


Playing With XSS

Long ago, I (and maybe many other person, maybe you?? :D ) thought that XSS vulnerability is not dangerous. It is so minor bug. That because I was thought that “ 66 more words