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What is XSS?

Hi there, today I will introduce you to a type of web vulnerability found on most servers on the internet. It is called Cross site scripting. 243 more words

Types of XSS

Hey there. Last time I introduced you to what basically XSS attacks are. Well, as I promised, today I will be telling you about the different types of XSS attacks. 371 more words

GIRO Kinder Skihelm Launch, Bright Green, XS/S, 240073-003

LAUNCH Dieser schlanke, leicht zu tragende neue Kinderhelm hat unsere besten Features und Technologien in einem robusten und sicheren Design vereint. Dank In Form Anpassungsystem ist er kinderleicht einzustellen und die super-flauschige Polsterung ist so weich und bequem, dass die Kleinen den Launch am liebsten gar nicht

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Google Launches All-Out War on XSS

This is an important step in the battle against XSS vulnerabilities.  Kudos to Google on moving the ball forward and building better tools that will hopefully lead to better web code. 6 more words

Security News

Web Bluetooth: The New Hotness and Its Dangers

Google’s most recent Chrome browser, version 53, includes trial support for Web Bluetooth, and it’s like the Wild West! JavaScript code, served to your browser, can now connect directly to your Bluetooth LE (BTLE) devices, with a whole bunch of caveats that we’ll make clear below. 1,417 more words


Tumblr rejected fixing a security bug regarding to malicious images

Two days ago I found a security bug on the most popular blogging engine named Tumblr (to be owned by Yahoo). This bug enables hackers to upload the malicious images containing Javascript, HTML, Flash… In order to implement this, they can act as MIMT to tamper the response header content-type to text/html. 92 more words

Security Bug

Web Security - Server Security - ( Part 2 )

SYN Attack
SYN attack ( SYN flood ), is a form of denial of service attack. This is an aggressive form of attack traffic sufficient to request the legal system can not meet the state server in an attempt to consume resources, targeted system consecutive SYN requests ( SYN requests)…

Web Security – Server Security – ( Part 2 )