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Sitecore: 5 Simple Security Tips

This post is relevant to Sitecore solutions where user should login before accessing of user data. Below described 5 simple but important steps that should be taken into consideration to improve application security. 578 more words


WordPress sites at risk thanks to Formidable Forms plugin

“Formidable Forms” is a WordPress plugin that is available for both free and paid version that provides additional features, it enables users to quickly create contact pages, polls and surveys, and other kinds of forms. 202 more words


Lessons Learned From Gergely Revay's "Web Hacking: Become a Pentester" Online Course

The realm of security testing is something I have not explored yet in deep detail not because it’s not an interesting field but because I have always found it to be intimidating, stuffed with jargons and specialized tools to learn. 396 more words

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XSS in a certificate signing request

Web application developers will all know, never to trust the input of the users of the web application. But what if you do not really know what they are submitting? 550 more words


WordPress 4.8.2 is out, update your website now

WordPress 4.8.2 is out, featuring nine security fixes website owners will want to apply, well, now.

All told, there have been six updates this year featuring security fixes, including January’s… 562 more words


Become a Force.com Security Superman

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting at French Touch Dreamin event. I gave a talk about Security, in which I explained some of the main things a developer has to take into account in order that our Salesforce applications are secure. 100 more words