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Five Ways to Secure Your WordPress Plugins

Plugins allow us to easily modify, customize, and enhance the already amazing WordPress platform. They also allow us a way to share enhancements with those who aren’t able to write their own code. 1,327 more words


My first tutorial on web hacking

There are no secrets better kept than the secrets that everybody guesses. — George Bernard Shaw

In the first tutorial of web hacking I’ll be discussing… 837 more words


Bypassing XSS Auditor: Taking Advantage of Badly Written PHP Code

XSS attacks have become very common nowadays, due to bad-written PHP web applications. In order to provide users with rudimentary protection against XSS attacks most web browser vendors have developed built-in protection mechanisms, called XSS filters. 143 more words


Web development #5: User input with HTML Forms

In my last blog post we’ve seen how to create dynamic web pages using PHP. The examples in this post are using the code examples from that blog post, so if you haven’t read it I suggest you do. 2,694 more words


Regreso + Búsqueda pasiva de XSS mediante Python !

Así es , vuelvo a los ruedos por aquí de mi querido blog. Las vacaciones se demoraron unos 17 días, asi que estoy plenamente desactualizado, ya que me ocupe de recuperar todas las energías gastadas durante el año. 345 more words


How Someone Can Take Advantage of Old IE

According to statistics, IE 8 surprisingly still have a 3.71% market share next to IE 11, which currently has 10.74% browser share worldwide. IE 9 and IE 10 trailed behind at 2.53% and 1.94% as of January 2015. 313 more words


Root-me [Web Client] : Javascript - Stored XSS 1

Eight post solving the Web Client category for the Root-Me challenges.

Knowledge requirements:

  • Basic XSS explotation.

WARNING: Write-ups contains spoilers. Please do not read unless you have passed them, or do not plan on doing them. 207 more words