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52:500c - Week 40 - Grand Old House

Sometimes your life intersects with History without you even knowing it. But you’re probably wondering why I’m saying this while looking at a subject of “Grand Old House.” Week 40 was shot at Oakville’s Erchless Estate, one of the town’s older buildings and the grand home of the town’s founder, Colonel William Chisholm. 298 more words


52:500c - Week 38 - Saturday Morning Coffee

I got inspired by fellow 52-Roller, filmphotographylondon and their Week 29 post “Gotta Have Coffee”. And thought to myself, well I could do something similar in Toronto, Ontario! 303 more words


52:500c - Week 32 - Lakeshore Evenings

The day I left for Europe last year I tried out a new barbershop in my area, the Village Cigar Co. & Barbershop. I had been to that point been going to a local barber in town for most of my life but recently wasn’t too happy with the service. 207 more words


Pushing 35mm Kentmere 400

I have a thing for pushing b&w film. I don’t remember the last time I shot a roll of b&w film at its box speed. Maybe it’s because I like using film at home with my family and iso 400 doesn’t always cut it, or maybe it’s because the inherent need to experiment when pushing film. 270 more words


52:500c - Week 19 - The Gully

It’s not my usual faire, shooting low and close up. But sometimes to keep things fresh you have to get in low and close. Usually when I’m shooting nature I shoot landscapes, big, wide, small apertures, big sky, trees. 230 more words