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Pushing 35mm Kentmere 400

I have a thing for pushing b&w film. I don’t remember the last time I shot a roll of b&w film at its box speed. Maybe it’s because I like using film at home with my family and iso 400 doesn’t always cut it, or maybe it’s because the inherent need to experiment when pushing film. 270 more words


52:500c - Week 19 - The Gully

It’s not my usual faire, shooting low and close up. But sometimes to keep things fresh you have to get in low and close. Usually when I’m shooting nature I shoot landscapes, big, wide, small apertures, big sky, trees. 230 more words


#9.0: Tres Cosas

After I was celebrating the exhibition I wrote about in “The Exhibition Cam“, I forgot about a film in the QL17 GIII, one of my favorite cameras. 399 more words


#8.0: Helicopter

In the morning, this chopper was landing in our park on a rescue mission when I brought the girls to Kindergarten – they were cheering big time – , and the pilots were ready to take off when I returned (no causalities). 175 more words


52:500c - Week 06 - Organized Chaos

During an average working week I have a nice easy thirty-minute drive to and from work, far separated from the bustle of ‘the city’ and when I say city I mean Toronto. 248 more words


Week 5: Castle in the Water [Disco Foxtrot]

It took longer than I anticipated, but my darkroom upgrade is nearly complete and I can start printing again.

I replaced my compact enlarger because of its limitations with medium format: small print size, enforced cropping, and needing to cut negatives into strips of three. 462 more words


The Silence of Snow and Ice

This image was taken in a park in Lethbridge, Alberta on a Sunday morning in my recent trip out west. The trees were covered in a frost from a combination of fog and very low temperatures. 25 more words

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