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Roll 2: B&W

After a couple of months with way to much to, I’m back at this project and i will try my best to get back up to speed. 39 more words


Film Abuse

A few months ago I shot this roll, and for whatever reason I left the developed film just sitting around.  Today I scanned it.  If I can remember correctly I pushed this roll of Arista Premium to 3200 and developed in xtol.   55 more words


Mary Holga

Here are some more pictures from the session with my dear friend Mary, this time from the Holga.

I really wanted to test out the Nikon FA… 341 more words

Kodak TriX 400


It can be just a word sometimes… or a smile.

The way your hair curls or a naked shoulder.

It can be the cleavage of your dress or the color of your ring. 39 more words

Kodak TriX 400

Roll # 20, I forgot about these...

Two rolls of Delta 100 that had dates in May marked on them…just sitting on my desk, so I decided to see what I had shot for that week.  70 more words


Same as it ever was

I know every single inch of this house. This house and the objects in it are like a picture.

Everything is in the same place… standing absolutely still… decaying and getting older. 166 more words

Kodak TriX 400