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স্ক্রিনশট নেবার বিভিন্ন উপায়

পিসির কোন সমস্যা শেয়ারের জন্য অনেক সময় স্ক্রিনশট নেওয়া প্রয়োজন হয়। বিভিন্নভাবে এই স্ক্রিনশট নেওয়া যায়। কোন এক্সট্রা সফটওয়্যার ছাড়াই সহজে কিভাবে স্ক্রিনশট নিতে হয় দেখে নিন।


XTRA laundry detergent

I received a 45oz. bottle of XTRA laundry detergent in a Tropical Passion scent. My first impression was that it was an awful small bottle to claim to do 30 loads of laundry, so over the last month (give or take a few days since I do about a load of laundry a day) I kept count of how many loads I did and when the bottle ran out. 180 more words

Product Review

Vic Mensa - Dj Semtex Freestyle

While promoting his new project overseas, Vic Mensa stopped by BBC Radio 1Xtra where he spit a freestyle over Pusha T’s “Numbers On The Boards” instrumental for DJ Semtex and his listeners.

Watch below.


Review: Pringles Xtra Kickin’ Jalapeno Cheese

I love spicy food. I love the flavour of spicy food, and I love the tingly sensation it leaves in your mouth. I love the warmth it provides you with. 598 more words

Potato Chips

Jockey 1876 2 Pack New White Tank Top Undershirts (Xtra Large)

For over 130 years on the market Jockey represents a traditional brand with experiences. That means excellent materials, processing on highest level focused on fit and wearing comfort. 28 more words

London has it all!

We’ve lived in London for many years now. When we moved here, we knew we were moving into the capital city and a very busy town with people, roads, tube, buildings, pavements and all. 328 more words