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Review: Ravens Creed - Ravens Krieg

If you don’t know this band, then I urge you to seek out their debut ‘Albion Thunder’, which steamrollered the competition in 2009. Featuring members of Orange Goblin and Sabbat, it was and still is crushing crusty death metal fury and now, 3 years after their second album ‘The Power’, we were finally being treated to a follow up. 219 more words


Review: Purtenance - To Spread the Flame of Ancients

Finnish death metal legends Purtenance have dropped this awesome new record, which for me is their finest work since that classic ‘Member of Immortal Damnation’, all the way back in 1992. 267 more words



Shed The Skin: Il 24 di giugno sarà la data di rilascio per il debut album per la death metal band di Cleveland.

Oggi è disponibile la quarta canzone del disco… 483 more words


Cendra - Metal Punk (2016)

Author: GTO

Band: Cendra

Album: Metal Punk

Label: Xtreem Music

Another year and another early release from Catalan punks Cendra. Their third release, Metal Punk, is a departure from their previous works in the world of black metal punk, expanding on the lengtheir, black metal-influenced tracks from their previous release, 666 Bastards. 365 more words


Review: Masacre - Brutal Aggre666ion

Columbian legends Masacre (the OCD in me wants to correct that spelling, every time!) have been lurking around since the 80s, crushing those who oppose them with brutality and typical South American aggression. 243 more words


Review: Daemoniac - Lord of Immolation

Italian death metallers Daemoniac recored their newest mini CD ‘Lord of Immolation’ at Sunlight Studios. Which means only one thing; this is burning, raging death metal in its finest, Swedish form. 155 more words