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Italian death metal ADE to release "Carthago Delenda Est" under Xtreem Music

Epic death metal that’s also forward-thinking in its expression –¬†Ade are back and this is as¬†humongous as you would expect! Xtreem Music have put out yet another stunner this year and the whole album can be streamed in its entirety. 198 more words

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Grond - Worship the Kraken

Death metal, in a very different way from black metal, energizes my mind and body. There is something about deep, guttural sounds that gets my rage burning and my blood boiling. 311 more words


Review: Sorcery - Garden of Bones

The legendary Sorcery have come crawling once again from the Swedish underground with fire in their bellies and riffs from the vintage book of Swedeath. Their classic debut, ‘Bloodchilling Tales’, is a favourite of mine, and we waited over 20 years for the follow up, 2013’s raging ‘Arrival at Six’. 238 more words


Desecresy - Stoic Death

I don’t think there’s so wide a divide between the old-school and modern in a genre as there is with death metal. A style of music wouldn’t last a year if there wasn’t some manner of evolution at work, but in the case of death metal, the modern death metal template serves to undercut what made the genre so good in years past. 521 more words


Review: Vibrion - Bacterya

Argentinean legends Vibrion have returned with ‘Bacterya’, their new record and first for Xtreem Records. Xtreem has a reputation for putting out some high quality death metal and ‘Bacterya’ looks to be another great addition to their roster. 256 more words