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Review: Desecresy - Stoic Death

Finnish death merchants Desecresy (man, that’s difficult to type first time) have released their fourth opus, ‘Stoic Death’ at the start of November this year, and I must admit I’m not familiar with them at all. 264 more words


Review: Putrevore - Tentacles of Horror

Despite sounding like the title of some strange Japanese hentai horror movie, Putrevore’s ‘Tentacles of Horror’ is much more scything death metal than Asian fetish gore. 272 more words


Review: Necropsy - Buried in the Woods

Moving on from their debut record, ‘Bloodwork’, ‘Buried in the Woods’ is four years of evolution and progressions in Necropsy’s sound. PSYCH! Is it fuck? What it is, is a solid, hard as nails death metal album that takes no prisoners and bulldozes those listening into submission, much like ‘Bloodwork’ did. 316 more words


Ravens Creed - Ravens Krieg (2015)

Author: GTO

Band: Ravens Creed

Album: Ravens Krieg

Label: Xtreem Music

War is hell, as well all know, which makes it a ripe topic for quality death metal. 538 more words


Review: Avulsed - Altar of Disembowelment

Spanish death metal legends Avulsed have been going for what seems like forever, cranking out solid death metal releases with no great fanfare or applause. Which is a shame really, because a band like Avulsed are perfect for those moments when only pure death will do. 258 more words