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Linux: Not perfect, Not MS windows, Not easy

I watch mainly Linux people on YouTube.  I have even played with the idea of starting a YouTube channel to do videos concerning Linux.  Recently, one person I watched has run up against the driver wall of Linux.  493 more words


Xubuntu: A Review

I have been using Xubuntu 14.04 for several months now, and overall, I’m impressed. It is fast, easy and pleasing to use, while being relatively stable. 288 more words


Mejorando la apariencia de Thunar thumbnails [Xfce 4.10]

Aun vivo!. Este es mi primer post despues de un par de años ya que mi carrera me tomò mucho mi tiempo. Lo siento por los seguidores pero aqui vamos. 208 more words


setup iptable rules for transmission (torrents)

Without further addo, here it is, a working example how to configure iptables to allow transmission torrents to internet (udp 51413) + transmission remote RPC (tcp 9091, localnetwork only) + ssh (tcp 22, localnetwork only). 8 more words


xubuntu -- as a primary os for the day to day use.

I have been using Xubuntu on my main machine for a while now. But I didn’t install it as a only OS. It was there along with Windows. 48 more words


text manipulation: lines to columns and other goodies

Have a look at the power of the “paste” comand – it just solves a bunch of situations with ease, and its litle known… transpose pair a lines into 2 columns, etc… 21 more words


XFCE or Xubuntu or Ubuntu

Gary Newell has a good article describing how to get xfce or xubuntu from within ubuntu.

Besides xfce being more economical with resources than ubuntu, the other feature he notes is the ability to customize xfce. 14 more words