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China Wins This Year's World Summit, Japan Comes In Third

(Source: cosplay.kotaku.com)


Team China won its first World Cosplay Summit championship with an impressive Blood: The Last Vampire performance.

Cospalyer Tian Tian was Blood’s Saya, while Xue Yan Xue was a chiropteran monster.  76 more words


Sheng Xue, Activist, Writer & Poet Targeted By Chinese Regime's Trolls

Image: facebook account of sheng xue

It’s in Victor Hugo’s ‘Villemain’ that the following observation was made:

‘You have enemies? Why, it is the story of every man who has done a great deed or created a new idea. 492 more words

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Weather/Tiānqì - Jīniān duōshao dù?

Jīniān tiānqì zĕnmeyàng? (How about the weather today?)

Jīniān xià yŭ. (It’s going to rain today.)

Tiānqì bù hăo. (The weather is not good.)

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