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XX #1: Master of Orionitis

Join Nate and Troy on the inaugural show for the eXtemporaneous eXtrapolations Podcast as they eXamine why Troy is fed up with MoO-clones.


eXplorminate Music by MangaDrive… 168 more words


London: XX Group show @ Saatchi Gallery

Following the recent opening of the all female Group show ‘Champagne Life’ (covered here) Saatchi Gallery also launched an exhibition called ‘XX: A MOMENT IN TIME… 99 more words


XX onsite - So it begins!

Day 27 Operation Amymone

We’ve established shop in the 9 o’clock tower. An impossible spire in state of despair, shadow side of the Daylight Chapel. It’s quite magnificent and so clever. 261 more words


I'm ready.

I’m ready to love him for who he is.

I’m ready to allow him to love me as I am.

I’m ready to give my heart for him to hold. 22 more words


Takes Two To Tango.

Zika. Sounds more like a videogame character than a mosquito-borne (and maybe sexually transmissible…) disease that may be causing microcephaly in infants, leaving devastating downstream consequences. 405 more words

Tangerine - **

It’s easy to understand why critics loved this movie. Imagine sitting through 4 movies a day at a festival and it’s all drama drama drama. Then this low budget dramedy comes by which looks very colorful (the title refers to the glare of the Los Angeles sky), has some funny moments and takes you to a place you’ve never been to (or wanted to go to). 288 more words


Carol - **

It’s Oscar season again and the cinemas show all kinds of movies that are in the running for an award. There’s a bit of controversy this year, because no black actor or actress is nominated (for the second edition in a row). 181 more words