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The XX Show #6 - eXplorminate Reviews.

Join Nate and Troy as they delve into the process and policies behind eXplorminate’s rating system. With Steam changing its review system, and the increasing importance placed on various scores and ratings, XX#6 will provide listeners with insights into why E4X rates games the way it does, why it came to be, and how the system will improve in the future. 241 more words



Peter Pan may be one of my favorite story, the idea of never growing up and just being carefree is such an ideal concept for me but unlike the Lost Boys of Peter Pan, I wasn’t carefree. 369 more words


Türkish Für Anfänger: Der Film - **

Recommended by a vinyl shop owner in Leipzig, who sells dvd’s at 1 euro a piece. And worth every single cent! This is a fun comedy with crazy characters who keep you entertained for the entire 90 minutes. 242 more words



Schadenfreude. Finding pleasure in others’ pains or misfortunes. A sense of being quite possibly heightened to great extents in four particular humans and thank our lucky stars; we exist alongside them. 321 more words

Between Rogues

“All power demands sacrifice… and pain”

a Librarian of the XXth

“It should be noted that although Rogue Traders are shipmasters who travel the vastness of space, their authority to do so comes not from a Merchant Charter, but rather a letter of appointment that elevates them to the authority equalling Space Marine Chapter Masters, Inquisitors and Planetary Governors Some of the more ancient ones are dated from the very beginnings of the Imperium, and some were even signed by the Emperor himself. 508 more words


With the Masked King

Massive, hidden double doors, each a full height section of the bookshelf wall of the library gently recessed with a solid thud that reminded me of an airlock, and then opened slowly and majestically. 607 more words