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'My So-Called Life' star A.J. Langer is now a countess who lives in a castle

A.J. Langer became a fan favorite as rebellious best friend Rayanne to angsty teen Angela (Claire Danes) on the ’90s cult hit My So-Called Life. 440 more words


Luke Warm Water

It’s been a long day.

She woke up a little too late this morning.

Her room is a mess when she left for work.

She didn’t even put her brow right! 266 more words


We Bought A Zoo - **

A young widower leaves his adventurous journalist life for what it is and buys a zoo to start all over again with his two young children. 213 more words


Ae Fond Kiss - **

For a movie made in 2004, this Ken Loach film still functions well in 2017. Nothing has changed in 13 years. A sad conclusion. The premise still intrigues these days. 240 more words


My X is your X, Your Y is my Y

First, let me ask you a question.

How do we determine the gender of the baby before its born?

I thought you’d never ask.

A chromosome is a strand of DNA responsible for producing genes.

206 more words

Battle Of The Sexes - **

Back in 1973 Billy Jean King beat Bobby Riggs at a demonstration game in tennis. Maybe you shrug your shoulders and think: big deal. But it was at the time. 211 more words


King Of The Belgians - **

The premise is good. The end result not so much. It’s an interesting mockumentary though that unfortunately looks too much like a movie.

The (fictitious) king of the Belgians, Nicolas, the third, is on a state visit in Istanbul when he learns that Wallonia (the French-speaking south of Belgium) decided to become independent ‘because they had enough’. 209 more words