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An Empty Canvas.

Know that recurring feeling of wanting to crawl in a hole and die? Multiply that by a hundred – no, a thousand times – and you’ll just begin to grasp what I’m going through every single day. 387 more words

10 Things I Know To Be True.

  1. Everybody lies. Unflinchingly. Unwillingly. Apologetically. Perhaps with some strange tell, like their very body rejects it. With intentions questionable and not; from the greatest of Samaritans to the cruelest of dictators, everybody lies.
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The year was 2014, and I had concluded an unabridged 12 years of age. Astonishing how I continue to survive in a world filled with such thought-inducing circumstances and astronomical atrocities. 521 more words

The XX Show #5: The Steam Review Show.

Join Nate and Troy as they discuss the importance of Steam reviews. In this episode they analyze the impact of reviews on the games, their developers and publishers, as well as the gaming community at large. 137 more words


A place in Moscow, Russia that was given a permanently bohemian reputation by a novel

Anyone who’s ever read Mikhail Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita will want to see Patriarshy Prudiy, just off the Garden Ring and not far from Tverskaya Ulitsa (the city’s main drag). 216 more words