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The “XXVIth NATO Party Conference” in Warsaw (a commentary)

The collapse of the West is inevitable and the study of the collapse of the Soviet Union yields many interesting lessons. But for the time being we are stuck in our current reality.  1,239 more words

World At War

boy (despite & regardless)

boy, did you think i really gave a damn
tears, blamed on you, even wiped by your hand
boy, you hid in your ribcage as he let me in… 326 more words



girl, i can barely hear my own heart beat inside
i’d raise its voice, if i thought your own blind
it’d make as much sense as it did opening it wide… 63 more words



i’d burn the little i have left, but it’d hurt less to light my chest
how has been burned there already, but the answer feels like smoke… 80 more words


what if

my heart is splintered, but if it could catch itself as it faltered
if it hadn’t been altered as you took its rib to form another… 159 more words



words. they were your favourite thing, but what good are they to me?
they have passed from my lips, & from my pen as if it too could bleed… 324 more words



child, i set the beat of the heart in your small chest
the precious green of your eyes wasn’t blind design
fragments of heaven’s garden mixed with innocence… 248 more words