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5 Things Youth Wish Their Parents Knew When Addressing Porn

A few posts ago, I mentioned a nonprofit I recently came across called Fight the New Drug. I am incredibly impressed by their approach to addressing pornography, especially with young people. 1,622 more words

Sexual Exploitation

Church on the Edge

Jesus often wound up where the so-called “sinners” were, along with the dross of polite society. He hung out with some real scum, like tax collectors and lepers. 907 more words


Dear Craig Gross

Hi Craig, I’m an atheist and I think I can help you with the whole Mark Driscoll/email debacle.  First let me give you a little background on myself that will help you see why I understand this problem very intimately. 769 more words


C.J. Asher Interviews XXXchurch Founder Craig Gross

Founded in 2002, XXXchurch is an online resource dedicated to helping battle pornography and sex addiction through awareness, prevention and recovery.  XXXchurch not only provides accountability software and online groups to help individuals with their addictions, but also does outreach work at some of the largest adult entertainment conventions, including the… 1,751 more words

Jesus Loves Porn Stars

Pornography is a plague that kills marriages, ruins lives and leaves guilt and pain in its wake. It promises so much, but delivers so little. 351 more words


50 Shades of Grey / XXXChurch

There have been several great articles posted recently on the #50ShadesOfGrey phenomenon. Since this is a rather disturbing topic and these are books/ movies that I have not read or seen personally, nor desire to, I’m not going to write extensively here. 235 more words

A Book Review - Open by Craig Gross

The first time I heard the word accountability was shortly after high school. A good friend of mine asked me if I wanted to be accountability partners with him. 572 more words