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Assignment 02 Op/Ed Report

Are You Out of Your Fracking Mind?

Mark Shuliga

Australia is one of the driest continents on the planet. The majority of the landscape is either arid scrubland or barren desert, rendering huge regions of the mainland unusable for any agricultural needs or purposes. 1,354 more words


` Hundreds of Protesters in `Southern China ' March Against the Production of a Chemical called Paraxylene '

#AceWorldNews – CHINA – March 31 – Hundreds of protesters in southern China marched against a chemical plant on Sunday, as the Maoming city government in Guangdong province called the demonstration a “grave violation” by criminals causing chaos – RT… 333 more words

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Ink on Your Skin

usually times when in a rush. However, are the teachers that scolded at you for doing just that actually right?

The ink in the pen holds Xylene, a chemical that is classified as harmful. 212 more words

We need YOUR VOICE to make sure ConED does a CLEAN cleanup.

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In 2007-2012 ConEd did not follow their own procedures during the demolition/remediation of the power plant site on Division and Kent Aves. 

The groundwater and soil on the site are contaminated with harmful chemicals: 344 more words

Mechanism of the ACYLOIN CONDENSATION Reaction.

When CARBOXYLIC ACID ESTERS are refluxed with metallic Sodium in apotic solvents such as Ether, Benzene, Tolune or Xylene, free from Oxygen then α-hydroxy ketones also known as ACYLOINS are formed. 188 more words

Water in the Xylenes, a Serious Problem in Histology

Most histology labs still use xylene for processing and in the staining process.  There are alternatives to xylene like limonene, Naturalene, MasterClear, and others but they are more expensive.    707 more words


I was gifted a beautiful piece of lilac wood. It smells like apples. I tried a simple image transfer technique on it and it worked like a charm. 11 more words

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