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Savvy Saturday February 25, 2017

“people who create, craft and love their art tend to focus on these seemingly bad ideas nurturing them into something brilliant. The innovators or the troublemakers who question the status quo may end up making something so remarkable that it creates a movement, a tribe, a following …and major business.” 11 more words

Savvy Saturdays (Quotes)

Bulletin offers a flexible approach to shared retail space

For startups, opening a real-world, physical store can seem a bit quaint. Who wants to deal with the sky-high rents charged in prime, urban locations, not to mention getting locked into a long-term lease? 556 more words


Verbling adds native apps to expand access to its marketplace of language tutors

YC-backed Verbling, a language learning business that’s been active for around five years, has finally launched native Android and iOS apps, along with a refreshed brand and look for its web platform. 341 more words


Playment gives companies on-demand workers to analyze data using mobile devices

Pretty much every company, to some extent, has to power their algorithms with data and machine learning if they’re going to be competitive with anyone else in their space. 700 more words


YC-backed Pilot is building a contractor platform geared for the future of work

What’s a six year old startup doing entering Y Combinator? Plotting a new growth trajectory after a pivot. Pilot may be a veteran in Silicon Valley startup terms but it reckons the freelance contractor marketplace model it switched to around a year and a half ago is ideally positioned to serve a future of work that’s increasingly fragmented and distributed. 2,280 more words


Y Combinator now lets anyone recommend startups

After years of accepting tips from alumni, Y Combinator has decided to open up its recommendation network to everyone. The goal is to help increase the number of startups connected to YC by allowing professors, mentors, early customers and anyone else familiar with a team to submit recommendations to YC on their behalf. 251 more words


WaystoCap is bringing Africa's cross-border trade into the digital era

WaystoCap is an e-commerce firm taking part in the current Y Combinator program.


“E-commerce, meh, done to death…” I hear you say….

True in part. 559 more words