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Y Combinator is committed to increasing diversity in Tech

by Ray Hayes

Last year, Project Include, a Silicon Valley diversity initiative, decided to cut ties with Y Combinator because of its relationship with Peter Thiel.   143 more words


TechSummit Rewind 162

This is the TechSummit Rewind, a daily recap of the top technology headlines.

eBay steps up shipping game to compete with Amazon Prime

eBay has announced plans to offer a Guaranteed Delivery program in the U.S. 744 more words


Wright Electric unveils its commercial electric plane business

Gas is the biggest cost for airlines. The easiest way to reduce these costs? Don’t use gas at all. That was the pitch from Wright Electric… 348 more words


Pit.ai puts a financial twist on reinforcement learning to outperform hedge funds

Despite mystery and intrigue, the reality is that most hedge funds don’t make money. This hasn’t stopped a growing list of startups from trying their hands at employing machine learning to tip the scales in their favor. 497 more words


Vinsight gives grape and almond growers a high-tech crystal ball

Farmers know how hard it is to predict yield accurately. High-value crops like grapes or almonds prove particularly challenging. Farmers expect, and settle for, twenty to forty percent uncertainty with these crops. 502 more words


Y Combinator has a new AI track, and wants startups building 'robot factory' tech to apply

Y Combinator Partner Daniel Gross today announced that the accelerator-turned-venture-fund will offer its first “vertical” track exclusively for AI startups. YC gathers founders from different industries together in each investment cycle. 417 more words


Tizeti is bringing wireless internet to urban Africa

Internet accessibility in developing marketplaces is a huge challenge.

Facebook and Alphabet have spent millions on internet-enabled drones, balloons, andother services to solve the last mile problem of connectivity in rural marketplaces in developing nations, but that solves a number of problems that affectsa smallerpopulation thanaddressing connectivity in cities. 474 more words