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I can haz...memez??

Condescending Wonka. LOLcat. Success kid.

What do these random incomplete thoughts have in common? All three started as innocent images, and all three quickly became some of the most popular internet memes of modern day culture. 143 more words

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Memes and ads

The local transportation in Stockholm recently launched a new campaign for their summer tickets with the widely popular “doge” meme.

The meme, featuring the same style of writing and imagery used in countless internet jokes, is on posters all over Stockholm’s underground stations. 253 more words

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Y U No Google Translate?

Found some gibberish on the wall and added a nerds touch.

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I totally forgot!

I totally forgot to post! I got so wrapped-up in baking stuff, that the day got away from me completely. Ugh! It’s ok to forget sometimes, but I won’t be making a habit of it. 57 more words


Who was the Y U No Guy Meme?

memegenerator.net|The Y U NO Guy

knowyourmeme.com|Gantz Chapter 55: Naked King… the lower left picture shows you the evidence!

Violence turns black comedy

That’s right! This manga page is meant for black comedy and of course, it was converted to errrrrrrrrrrrr… real comedy xD.

Fearless Forecast