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The Shibboleth

The Shibboleth by John Hornor Jacobs


A shibboleth is, according to Wikipedia, any custom or tradition that distinguishes one group of people from others. In the case of Shreve and Jack, our main characters for this sequel to  290 more words


Quick Review: Immortal Reign by Morgan Rhodes

So ends the Falling Kingdoms series. It’s been quite a ride. What started as a power struggle to verb who rules all of Mytica turned out to be an all out fight against magic itself. 294 more words

Bethylou Reads

REVIEW: Pride Must Be a Place by Kevin Craig


As the young people say, “Oh, all the feels…” (Wait, do the young people still say that?) This book was incredible. Besides the stellar writing and spot on, distinctive voices–which honestly, I have a right to expect from an author–the depth with which Craig paints this whole story is incredible. 147 more words

Face-Eater, Part 2 (Short Story)

Oookay, the confusing horror story of a face-eating monster continues. Enjoy! (P.S. I’m going to reveal something cool this week, it’ll be 100% free. Stay tuned!) 1,418 more words

Novel Updates

TTT - Books I’ve Decided I’m No Longer Interested In Reading

As a whole, it seems like most of us book bloggers have ever expanding TBRs. However, with ever-expanding TBRs it seems to me that there is a trend. 608 more words


#FeministFebruary Blogger Guest Post: Louise from Book Murmurations

Louise is the lovely blogger behind Book Murmurations.  Her blog is a lovely mix of reviews, chat and bookish events and I am so happy I discovered her in the land of Twitter a couple of months ago (although my TBR pile might not be!). 380 more words

Book Chat

How to Resonate With Your Readers.

Don’t spend months or years creating a masterpiece only to have it ill-received by readers. Your prose are beautiful, so how exactly are you missing the mark? 1,156 more words