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If not Us, then Who?

As we wrap up a very fruitful Christian Leadership Seminar, I am left with greater resolve than ever before to refuse to be silent, and to exhort others to understand the importance of God’s chosen land and God’s chosen people to our own lives as Christians. 400 more words

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the significance of the 9th of Av

“If we think about it, it should amaze us that there are people who insist we must always remember the Holocaust — even for generations to come, long after the last survivors are lost to us — who are nowhere to be found on the Ninth of Av, when we remember the long history of hatred directed against the Jewish nation. 50 more words


Yad Vashem Opens Two Online Sports Exhibitions Ahead of Rio Olympics

This week, as the sports world focuses on Rio de Janeiro, Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Center, commemorates athletes who may not have earned a gold medal in competition, but certainly possessed hearts of gold. 549 more words


[Taglit 5-Year Retrospective-part 7 of 11] Sinat Chinam (and Ahavat Chinam)

Five years ago, we went to תל אביב for an Israeli resources fair (an unexpected itinerary change), went to the שוק (market), and also יד ושם (the Holocaust memorial). 953 more words


Opinion: Elie Wiesel and other Holocaust memoirists have left a legacy in perpetuity

Elie Wiesel’s family has now marked the end of shiva, the traditional Jewish seven-day mourning period. This is a week of intense bereavement and memorialization — sharing stories about the deceased and gathering history for future generations. 656 more words


Righteous Among the Nations

During the Shoah, the biblical word for ‘the destruction”, and today, the standard Hebrew word for The Holocaust, the Nazi’s progress towards the Final Solution was aided and abetted by governments, armies, auxiliaries, officials, and individuals in the many countries that fell under the Axis thrall between 1939 and 1945. 562 more words

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