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Mystery Photos II: Oppenheimers

I learned something important from my first Mystery Photo post.  Keep it simple.  Too many photos makes it too confusing for people (and for me).  Although a lot of people read the post, almost no one commented.   774 more words


Unto the Least of These:  Finishing up at Auschwitz and Birkenau

Today, (6/26/15). We went back to Birkenau and Auschwitz I. On the way, Alex shared another Eva story. Apparently, in the frames after the part of the liberation video that is usually shown, when you watch the end of it, Eva sticks her tongue out at the camera and laughs. 1,556 more words


Jerusalem's Old City, TB&TS Tour Report #8

Today we started INSIDE the Old City of Jerusalem, entering through a gate that was created just west of the Dung Gate, through which you can imagine yourself walking on the first century Roman cardo (the main street of a Roman city). 1,211 more words

Letters Never Sent:Amsterdam, Westerbork, Bergen-Belsen by: Mirjam Bolle

In 1943, Mirjam Levie, a young Jewish woman from Amsterdam began writing letters to her fiance’, Leo Bolle who had immigrated to Israel.

This book is a compilation of those letters that she never got to send. 87 more words


Review of: PRELUDE TO MASS MURDER-The Pogrom in lasi, Romania by: Jean Ancel

Romanian Jews are often overlooked when it comes to documenting the history of the Holocaust.

This book is well researched and in depth, and uncovers documents and stories that were hidden for 50 years. 51 more words



I have really been struggling to figure out how to write about our second day in Poland, which started with a trip to the ghetto established by the… 1,013 more words