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American Soldier Who Saved Jews up for Congressional Medal of Honor

In November-December 2015, I attended a Christian Leaders Seminar at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum and Research Center in Jerusalem.  One of my classmates was Chris Edmonds, whose father was a true American hero.  194 more words

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Day 8: Pre-dawn Via Dolorosa, Garden Tomb, Holocaust Museum, Farewell Lunch

Our final day of Ecclesia Houston’s tour with Breaking Bread Journeys started before dawn at 5am. We made our way into the old city via the Damascus Gate to find nearly empty streets surrounding the Via Dolorosa. 590 more words

Holy Land

Nisman cousins found - and cousins lost

Earlier this week I was contacted by someone who found me through the JewishGen Family Finder. This is a wonderful resource that allows you to list the names and places that you’re interested in, so other researchers can find you to share notes. 708 more words

Israel 'Adamantly Opposes' Polish Parliament's Approval of Controversial Holocaust Bill


Minister demands Netanyahu recall ambassador ■ Yad Vashem criticizes bill that criminalizes accusing the Polish people of complicity in Nazi crimes

By Noa Landau…
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Quello che non piace ricevere sentire da nessuno di noi penso siano minacce, intimidazioni al proprio operato specialmente se fosse un estraneo o un qualsiasi conoscente a farcele. 735 more words

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Carl Lutz - Forgotten hero of the Holocaust

The Second World War saw the mass slaughter of a number of groups of ‘undesirable’ people by the Nazi regime. Amongst them were the Roma, homosexuals, and the handicapped; but by far the greatest number to die were Jews, around six million of them. 1,433 more words


Never Again!

“Never Again!”

It is the mantra of the Jewish people.  It is ingrained in their students and it is trained into their military.  In fact, part of military training (mandatory for all Israeli 18-year-olds) is intensive onsite study at Yad Vashem, Masada and other relevant sites in Israel.  150 more words

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