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Yad Vashem Seminar 2017 | Iael Nidam-Orvieto

Iael Nidam-Orvieto gave a lecture titled: “Fascist Italy and the Jews of Italy,” during the recent Yad Vashem seminar. She broke the period of Italian fascism into three segments: 1922-1935 is the “Honeymoon Period,” (describing the relationship between Jews and Mussolini), the Second phase is 1935-1938, (or “Preparation for persecution,” which is classified with quantifiable increase in Italian anti-Semitic actions), and the last portion from 1938-1945 ( which is identified with legislation against the Jews, and mass murder). 634 more words


Journey to Israel 1974: Israeli Independence Day, Shabbat and Yad Vashem

We arrived in Jerusalem on a Friday to spend the Sabbath weekend. The Jewish people were celebrating the anniversary of their Independence from Great Britain, which took place May 14, 1948. 290 more words


The Donald Chronicles, #10 – Jan. 31, 2017

While we struggle to stay afloat in the on-going tsunami of Trump, one recent event really got my attention. It’s probably because I’m a Jew that I find Trump’s… 594 more words


Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, Israel

For more information about visiting Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Memorial Center in Jerusalem, please click here.


Holocaust Remembrance Day... but...

To have a “day” dedicated to remembrance is O.K., I guess. I guess it means that special events and activities might take place while articles and photos with salient captions might be published while gripping short-films might be released while field trips might take place, and so on. 347 more words

Jewish-Catholic Dialogue

Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Friends, I invite you to join millions around the world in observing International Holocaust Remembrance Day today.  January 27 commemorates the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest Nazi concentration and death camp, and is marked by an official observance at Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial and Education Center. 146 more words

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Lukas Shares About Research at the Strochlitz Institute

Starring Lukas Meissel

Lukas is a PhD candidate in Holocaust Studies at the University of Haifa. While in Israel Lukas has access to excellent research resources. 97 more words

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