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Prickly Croatia – Israel Relations: Aloysius Stepinac’s List Was Longer Than Schindler’s!

For reasons many cannot understand, even if their bias against Croatia is profound, Israel’s political establishment had in 1997 taken an anti Croatia, anti-Franjo Tudjman stand. 1,164 more words

At our core: a post about beer, Brennan Manning, and images of God

Aristotle once said that humanity is simply a rational animal, and I tend agree with him, to an extent. But I suppose I agree more with the late Mr. 447 more words


"Did You Know That Hatred Means Holocaust?"

“The camp’s law is that those going to their death be deceived until the end.”
-Tadeusz Borowski (Polish writer and prisoner at Auschwitz)

The beauty of the land of Israel sometimes leads us to forget the horrors people have had to experience to get to this place. 888 more words

Travel Update #25

Before leaving the desert, we stopped at a small farm, where the owner let us pick and eat anything we wanted. We treated ourselves to tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and passion fruit to our heart’s content. 400 more words

Travel Updates

Mystery Photos II: Oppenheimers

I learned something important from my first Mystery Photo post.  Keep it simple.  Too many photos makes it too confusing for people (and for me).  Although a lot of people read the post, almost no one commented.   774 more words


Unto the Least of These:  Finishing up at Auschwitz and Birkenau

Today, (6/26/15). We went back to Birkenau and Auschwitz I. On the way, Alex shared another Eva story. Apparently, in the frames after the part of the liberation video that is usually shown, when you watch the end of it, Eva sticks her tongue out at the camera and laughs. 1,556 more words