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Trump fires back after Clinton calls U.N. speech 'dangerous'

The 2016 campaign continues.

President Trump lashed out at Hillary Clinton after his former election opponent called his speech to the United Nations General Assembly “very dark” and “dangerous.” 279 more words


German Law Enforcement to Trial Run a “Cyber-Armed Forces” Center

C. Aliens– The State Criminal Police Office in Stuttgart and the Ministry of the Interior, in collaboration with numerous private industry organizations, announced plans for a new law enforcement branch known as the “Cyber-Armed Forces Coordination Center.” Depending on how the pilot program plays out, the Cyber-Armed Forces may set the standard for cyber defense in Germany, Minister of the Interior Thomas Strobl announced. 823 more words

Hurricane Maria makes landfall on Dominica as Category 5 storm

Hurricane Maria made landfall Monday night on the Caribbean island of Dominica as a Category 5 storm, the National Hurricane Center said, as other islands in the region, including Puerto Rico, brace for the impact. 452 more words

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Calhoun: Terrorist innovations in weapons of mass effect

Rasmussen, Maria…………….The experts assessed three categories of terrorist innovation: tactical, strategic, and organizational, with emphasis placed on the first two. Tactical innovation usually involves inventing or adopting new techniques or technologies to achieve unchanging objectives. 1,231 more words



About Paigham TV

 Paigham TV is an Islamic educational media group. It launched its Urdu language TV channel in 2011 and Pashto Channel in 2014. Paigham TV was inaugurated by Imam al-Kabah… 181 more words

Protests erupt in St. Louis after ex-officer’s acquittal

Noisy demonstrators marched through two malls in an upscale area of suburban St. Louis Saturday to protest the acquittal of a white former St. Louis officer in the shooting of a black man, picking up after a night of mostly peaceful demonstrations that escalated into scattered acts of vandalism and violence. 144 more words


Europe: immigration, identity, Islam: Douglas Murray warns of dangers

  • PAUL MONK, The Australian

Douglas Murray was born in London in July 1979, putting him midpoint between Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s January flight from Paris to Tehran to lead the Shia Muslim revolution, and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in December, which triggered a global Sunni Muslim jihadist reaction. 1,175 more words