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U.S. considering speed-limit device rule for trucks, buses

H/T Yahoo News. 

As a person that drove trucks to deliver produce I am some what on the fence with these rule changes. 

I also know until companies make more realistic delivery times truckers need the extra speed to make on time deliveries.  176 more words

Modern Hero of the Month

Boy, 12, Rescues Elderly Woman From Fire

An elderly woman was rescued from an upstairs window of her burning home in Carlsbad Monday by the quick thinking of a 12-year-old boy. 7 more words

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Nails In The Coffin?

This story is a must-read from Yahoo News:

More than four dozen former Republican foreign policy officials have signed a letter declaring they are not voting for Donald Trump because it would put national security at risk.

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Are the Koch brothers birthers?

I know that Donald Trump is a “birther” — someone who alleges that President Obama wasn’t born in the United States, in spite of  enormous evidence to the contrary. 34 more words


Was it a Kaiser or egg roll?

What kind of roll did Bernie Sanders have at the Democratic National Convention? A Kaiser roll? An egg roll? Maybe it was a bagel. We’ll have to ask the person at Yahoo! 6 more words