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Police: Girl shoots couple who let her off for shoplifting

Have you noticed when the prep is white the media shouts it from the roof tops but if the perp is black they are silent. 59 more words

More children are victims of Chicago's gunfire, gang battles

The problem is blacks will not turn in the drug dealers and gang bangers because so many of the blacks have friends and families among the drug dealers and gang bangers. 105 more words

Come to overcome the problem,

The police chief AKM Shahidul Haque all against terrorism and militancy ‘position, which’ urged to tackle the crisis.
The private universities of the country, at a meeting of top officials of the Interior Ministry urged the IGP Shahidul Haque. 425 more words


20 of police recruitment is more to curb militants bangladesh

Capacity building of law enforcement agencies to curb militants within the year, the government also decided in principle to appoint 0 of police. Any kind of violence against the members of the police will be in the hands of sophisticated weapons. 421 more words


Humayun memory


The fourth death on July 19 celebrated writer Humayun Ahmed. Humayun dedicate the day to commemorate the drama Mad theta natima naddiu. Bangladesh Academy of Arts at 7 pm, the play will be staged at the Studio Theatre Hall. 188 more words