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Tombstone of SS officer stolen from Normandy cemetery

This is from Yahoo News.

I think you are the lowest form of life when you desecrate any grave be it a Nazi or Confederate grave or monument. 266 more words

Earth Will Only Have 12 Hours To Prepare For Massive Solar Storm

Trains will be disrupted, power will go out, satellite signals will go wonky – that’s what we have to look forward to when the sun next has a melt down, and we’re unlikely to get more than 12 hours warning. 141 more words


Errors in my CFD notes for the lecture no. 3

I have taken off the slides for the Lecture # 3 of my introductory course on CFD, because it contained some serious errors. (….Yes, those were the serious errors—not just typos.) 844 more words


Usually, I don’t read the articles on Yahoo because, quite frankly, I’m a snob and I find them to be poorly written or alarmist. But this one was excellent, probably because it is less of an article and really just quotes from my brothers and sisters on the mental health battlefield. 189 more words


Ga. debates Confederate carving set in stone and state law

This is from Yahoo News.

The people that are whining about Stone Mountain, The Battle Flag of The Army of Northern Viriginia and other Confederate memorials are like ISIS trying to erase history. 689 more words

Greece's headache: how to lift the capital controls

For companies, the capital controls have meant waiting for a government commission to sign off on large bills owed to foreign firms — a process that has slowed payments so much that distrustful suppliers started asking to be paid in advance. 130 more words


Police arrest US teen who built gun-firing drone

New York (AFP) – The US teen who sparked an Internet sensation by building a small drone capable of firing a handgun, has been arrested and released on a $20,000 bond, police said Thursday. 110 more words