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Courage to walk unarmed

A Nation of Cowards

Jeffrey Snyder suggests that carrying a handgun is both a right and a duty of every law-abiding citizen.

This is hard for me to relate to; as, for all practical purposes, no such people exist in my world. 1,680 more words

Get On Your Feet

Paying my dues, singing the blues?

(Originally posted 2014-07-09.)

Courage and despair hang in the balance for a homeless radio talk jock wannabe.

“You’ve got to pay your dues
If you want to sing the blues,

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Mother's Day Was Yesterday - Richland County Ohio USA

5/7/2016 The Richlands – Mother’s day was yesterday, celebrated by thousands, millions, across the country.  And deservedly so.  For if it weren’t for mothers, none of us would be here.   152 more words

Mark E. Schrull