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Is that Manny Pacquiao?

Things must be rough over at the Yahoo! front page. It seems that the writers can’t find pictures of actual movie and sports celebrities, so they’re substituting pictures of look-alikes. 11 more words


YY reports it doubled revenues this quarter


Suzanne Coleman

YY is China’s online social networking, gaming and music platform, similar to our facebook (FB), but with more features and it monetizes user activity as well.   115 more words

What Do YOU Think?

Is that Salma Hayek?

Is that Salma Hayek on the Yahoo! front page, where her name and likeness can be seen by hundreds of millions of people around the world? 13 more words


I Met Him On The Internet

Yep…that’s right…I met my husband on the internet…yahoo.com to be exact.

I had been doing the online dating thing for awhile.  Let’s face it, meeting random strangers on the internet is somewhat fun and entertaining.     508 more words


It could've easily been correct

With a little help from a competent editor, this could’ve easily been correct. But it’s on Yahoo! Style, a site that’s in its own grammatically incorrect world:


This must go

Do you think this must have undergone editing before being published on Yahoo! Style?

I’d rather believe it wasn’t edited than think that there’s an employed editor who believes that… 12 more words


You Don't Perhaps Write The Headlines Of Yahoo Articles For A Living, Do Ya?

Who the hell adds up the ages of a group of people/things to make it sound more compelling? Utterly Ridiculous!