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The Consuming Shadow Review

Full disclosure: I’m something of a fan of Yahtzee Croshaw’s. I watch his Zero Punctuation video series quite avidly, and often find myself resorting to quoting him in conversation as a substitute for my own pathetic lack of wit or personal opinions. 772 more words

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Doctor Who Games: Yahtzee

    1. This Dalek was a gift from my husband, at some point. I genuinely cannot remember what for, of course neither can he. All we both know is that he surprised me with it one day.
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Merch Lord

Classic Games and What To Play Instead - Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my series featuring classic board games and games I think could be a good replacement for them.

Without further ado, let’s get into it. 599 more words

What is King of Tokyo and What makes it Interesting?

It is a Christmas tradition, in my gaming group, for us to gift games to the group around the Festive Season. This year was no different with three games entering the fold. 1,261 more words

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Watcha gonna do? - 21st January 1994

Another eventful week finds me writing this Saturday a.m. at work.  Let’s start with Thursday’s encounter with Fatty.  He phoned up in the evening moaning about going to the Brickie’s to meet cos it was too far and it was pissing down (it wasn’t raining at all) so I had to make the effort and go to Grasshoppers near him… 1,547 more words


Payne Christmas

The Payne parents requested that the whole family come together for Christmas as the final celebration of their 50th anniversary year, so all 14 of us gathered in South Carolina. 131 more words

Understanding p-hacking through Yahtzee?

P-values are hard enough to understand — the appear ‘magically’ on the screen — so how can we best communicate the problem of p-hacking? How about using… 210 more words

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