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Weekend Success!

What a relaxed Saturday! I stayed in bed until I felt like getting out. When I did finally muster up the energy I made myself a turkey and cheese omelette with toast for 5 points+. 1,046 more words


The works of Yahtzee Crowshaw range from videos about games to games but today I’d like to discuss his novels.

I’ve consumed both of Mr Crowshaw’s literary works, I refrain from saying read as as I actually had him read them to me. 589 more words

Honest Titles For Famous Boardgames

Ryan and Jenny claim I never want to talk about games, so this one is for them!


Are You Retro Too?

by Kimberly A. Cook                       (Twitter@   WarriorTales)

It’s official; I’m retro. Was shopping at Target the other day and happened upon this display of “retro” games. Hah! 268 more words

Warrior Tales

Recreating My Childhood, One Board Game At a Time

I’ve been recreating my childhood one board game at a time. Or actually, not my whole entire childhood. Were I to try to recreate my whole entire childhood I’d need frozen TV dinners, 24-hour-a-day television, SPF 6 Coppertone sunscreen applied once a day (but only at the beach), canned vegetables, iceberg lettuce, and Wonder Bread. 1,009 more words

The Children

Thanks for the Early Warning

For all the bad rap M. Night Shyamalan has gotten over the past few years, at one point he was a very exciting director to watch.   85 more words