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What Would Happened if?

CV Review
Have you ever wondered to do something different in your life? To do something else instead what you already did? What kind of life you would have if you change what you did in the past. 1,629 more words


WPC: Focus or games night at mine

Not that our family is competitive or anything…… but there can be all out fights if someone uses the triple word score square for a silly wee 3-letter word like ‘and’. 80 more words

King of Tokyo review

King of Tokyo is a dice rolling, press-your-luck, yahtzee-style, Kaiju (Giant city destroying monsters) game for 2-6 players, and is a quick play at around 30 minutes. 449 more words


Review: Will Save the Galaxy for Food

I just finished reading Will Save the Galaxy for Food by Yahtzee Croshaw, definitely a five star story!

Yahtzee is an excellent writer, who somehow manages to capture and produce beautiful, living and breathing worlds… then goes on to populate said worlds with characters who are acutely unrealistic and severely brain damaged. 141 more words


Yahtzee And One Last A-Z Runaway Brain Episode.

Letter Y

Yahtzee; more specifically, Word Yahtzee. It was an off-shoot of the original Yahtzee game. The idea was to roll a set of dice with letters on them, and “gather” a set of words ranging from 1 to 6 letters. 668 more words

Battle of the Board Games

What happened to playing board games? This is more of an open ended question, with no answer, but a lot of description. I used to play board games as a child. 160 more words

Free Writing

Why I love "Dice with Ellen" and you should too

Everyone knows Ellen DeGeneres as the loveable, quirky daytime T.V. personality who dances through the audience, gives celebrities pop-scares and shows the cutest viral videos. 641 more words

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