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Who Was She? Meriyvah and Malchuth

Their names where  Meriyvah and Malchuth.  They were the wives of Yishma’el and had very different personalities or responses.  At times I have been one but I strive continually to be like the other.  1,908 more words


The Real Israel and Judah

Our Wilderness Fund For Israel is yet another testimony of the gathering of the Most Highs children around the world.  For in the last days, the children of the Most High shall prophesy.   336 more words

Real Israel

Social Drugs

Q: Have you been considered/considered yourself “different” for the majority of your life?

If your answer is “yes”:

Good. Let’s start there.


I wonder how many times I… 2,453 more words


How to honour Shabbat

Shabbat shalom Yisrael and those grafted in! Today I’m going to give you a few ideas on what to do on Shabbat.

When you first start keeping Shabbat you think,’ am I supposed to sit down and read the bible all day?’ 534 more words


Past Voices

Past voices speak of a time when the heavens touched the flesh of men, and the weight of the heavens forced fallen minds to crawl on the dust of the ground. 42 more words


Sleep tight, my darling- a free children's short story

This is a short story for you to read to your children at night. There are four parts to this story. Suitable for any child. 399 more words