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The Soul Human and Life Purpose

The soul, human, and a person’s life purpose combines to fulfil the good of the individual, mankind and the overall purpose of the Creator.
As you progress through your Divine Personal Spirituality one important aspect first of all I see is getting to know your Divine Higher-Self (Soul). 590 more words


Spirituality The True Meaning

Spirituality is a concept of its own with scope for many views and is rooted in the word Spirit. This is about our one and only Most High God called Yahuah, His Mighty works, and Will upon our lives done in Spirit. 78 more words


Is Yahuah the Correct Way of Pronouncing YHWH and Is Yahusha the Correct name of His Son?

I have read in social media that a group of people introduces itself as experts in Hebrew language. They insist that the correct way to pronounce YHWH is Yahuah. 660 more words


YAHUAH Poetry - "He"

Several years ago, I wrote two poems, here is one of them:


YAHUAH Poetry - "Where Are You?"

Several years ago, I wrote two poems, here is one of them:


Who Am i - Yeshyahu 56

Who are we really?  Is there a pure race of people?  Why are people so concerned about the outside (skin color)?  Does blood line give a person more favor with YAHUAH?  52 more words


Where Is Your Place In The Body?

We all have a unique part in the body of HaMashiach YAHUSHA however in order for each of us to function correctly there are some things that first need to be done. 69 more words