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Report documents widespread human rights abuses in Gambia

A Human Rights Watch report documents widespread human rights abuses in Gambia, which include the persecution of LGBT people.

Source: Report documents widespread human rights abuses in… 766 more words

Gambia bans Female Genital Mutilation

The Gambian government has banned Female Genital Mutilation ( FGM ) which comes into effect immediately.

The country’s leader – President Yahya Jammeh made a public proclamation outlawing the ancient practice. 41 more words


Jermaine Jackson, the D-List Dennis Rodman

Hardly anybody in the Western world these days knows or cares much about the teeny West African dictatorship of Gambia, and hardly anybody in the Western world these days gives much thought to… 711 more words


American officials may have helped a reviled African ruler survive a coup hatched on U.S. soil

MINNEAPOLIS — Every other Saturday evening, the coup-plotters excused themselves from their wives and kids to join a conference call. The half-dozen dissidents — all middle-aged men, most with military experience — dialled in from their suburban homes scattered across the South and Midwest. 2,517 more words


US warns Gambian President to be more tolerant of homosexuals or else face consequences

The United States has criticized Gambian President Yahya Jammeh on Saturday for “unconscionable” remarks, after he reportedly threatened to slit the throats of gay men in his country. 213 more words


Uses and Abuses of Anticorruption Tactics in the Gambia

The tiny African country of the Gambia rarely receives international media attention.  Perhaps once a year, shocking statements from its president, Yahya Jammeh, might win it a small news blurb, but even then, these stories tend to be treated in a perfunctory, “look at this wacko human rights abuser” manner: reporting something awful or absurd—like his declaration that LGBT people are “vermin”, or that he has… 872 more words


A former US army sergeant has pleaded guilty of involvement in a failed coup attempt in Gambia last December. The man Papa Faal, 46, who has dual American and Gambian nationality, was arrested after he returned to the US. 255 more words