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Mungkin Anakku Tak Tertinggal

Dulu aku selalu merasa stres setiap bertetangga. Melihat Sofia yang langsing-langsing saja dibandingkan teman-temannya, kemampuan bicaranya juga lebih lambat dibandingkan teman-temannya.

Setelah kelahiran anak kedua, aku mulai memahami tidak ada yang perlu distreskan. 298 more words



These incredible species are almost mythical. When I see them it makes me really excited and makes me want to catch them. Sadly lots of species of gecko are threatened with extinction or already extinct. 94 more words


First Week at Klong Nin Beach Madrassah

Maddressa was scary atĀ  first but over time i got used to it. the school s is a huge concrete building (i’m under the impression it used to be a prison ). 129 more words


Sea Cucumbers

We foundĀ  sea cucumbers on a beach in Thailand. They are very squishy and slimy. We found our first one in the sea, but when we tried to pick it up it kept slipping out of my hands and falling back in the sea. 173 more words


Life Is Short, Lick Your Fingers

Eating with your hands is much more fun than eating with a knife and fork. Especially when you are eating curries. I like it because you can get your hands messy and its much easier. 35 more words

Sri Lanka

Surf School in Weligama

I went to a surf school in Weligama with Zak. The waves were massive, like really massive they were much bigger than me. It was harder than I thought it was going to be my teacher was quite short and skinny with black hair combed to the sides. 151 more words

Sri Lanka