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Haredim Won't be Drafted After All, Yair "Draft'm All" Lapid has a Fit

So, surprise surprise, the Haredi politicians got back into the mafia and decided to shut down the whole “שוויון בנטל” garbage, where the logic is we should all be equally enslaved to our masters and no group should have more freedom than any other group. 324 more words

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HARDtalk: Yair Lapid

last thursday evening (21st october), 8.30-8.55pm, on bbc news tv (repeated 12.30-12.55am) (repeated today, 10.06-11.00pm, on bbc world service radio)
hardtalk: yair lapid (interviewed by stephen sackur) 79 more words

Selective framing, inaccuracies and omission of context on BBC's Hardtalk

Israeli MK and leader of the ‘Yesh Atid’ party Yair Lapid appeared on the BBC World News and BBC News Channel programme ‘Hardtalk‘ on October 21st. 1,635 more words


Yair Lapid endorses Saudi initiative for two-state solution

Yesh Atid party chairman Yair Lapid said Sunday that Israel should accept the Arab Peace Initiative, put forward in 2002 by Saudi Arabia, as the basis for negotiations with the Palestinians and the Arab world. 685 more words

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Excerpt from Facebook

Yair Lapid took part in a prayer and memorial rally today in Gush Etzion. At the event, organized by residents of the area in light of recent events, Lapid said: 389 more words

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Vaxing Public Policy

As with many Western countries, Israel also has it’s share of “anti-vaxxers”.

I know such people, but didn’t really think that it was an issue on the radar of policy-makers until I saw this… 341 more words

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Lapid's Ultra-Orthodox Government

“The Prime Minister has decided to do anything to stay in power”.

Thus spake former Treasury Minister Yair Lapid, condemning Netanyahu’s concessions to the Ultra-Orthodox parties. 406 more words