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Playing Yakuza 3, Six Years Late

I recently got a second-hand PS3 and have been buying up all the games I’d heard about for years but never had access to. Final Fantasy XIII, Heavy Rain, The Last of Us, MGS4, etc. 277 more words


Yakuza 3

For years now, certain niches of the internet have told me to try my hand at Yakuza, a series of adventure/beat’em up games developed by Sega that deal in the more legitimate side of Japanese crime. 1,179 more words

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Abnormal Mapping 24: This is Our Tree, We Know this Tree


     Rikiya surveyed the wreckage of the bridal suite in the love hotel. Crushed statuary and shattered glass spread across the plush carpet in splashes of industrail confetti.

974 more words
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