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ROBERT SHILLER: Beware The Psychological Impacts Of Russian Sanctions (DIA, SPY, QQQ, TLT, RSX, ESR, POL)

Don’t dismiss the psychological impact of poor economic growth and increasingly weighty economic sanctions.

Yale professor Robert Shiller is out with a new essay at Project Syndicate called “Parallels to 1937″ that tackles the issue of how an economic malaise can impact the psychology of citizens. 419 more words


Founder of African-American Studies Dept. at Yale Dies at 78

Dr. Bryce-Laporte was the founding director in 1973 of the Research Institute on Immigration and Ethnic Studies at the Smithsonian Institution.

In 1969, he was the founding director of the African American Studies Department at Yale University at a time of burgeoning interest in African American studies and of heightened racial tension. 282 more words


Ron Paul Guest Hosts Squawk Box & Debates Yale Professor Stephen Roach: RP 1, Prof Roach 0

Below is the youtube video of Ron Paul guest hosting on CNBC’s Sqawk Box earlier this week. The whole thing was great watching and worth the time. 92 more words