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stresssedddddddddddd out tuesdays

holla y’all

okay so today some weird events happened I guess… I am SO STRESSED OUT
i have a coding exam tomorrow… and lemme tell u… 691 more words

Really .....

I was “taken to task” for using the word y’all in yesterday’s post. My anonymous gmail stalker must really be bored.
Many non-Southerners don’t realize that y’all is plural. 28 more words

Etc ....

Southern Comfort Zone

To most of the french, the only states in America are New York and California.  Sadly, explaining that there are 48 other states tends to be lost in translation and explaining the location of Georgia and South Carolina is a hopeless endeavor.   502 more words


Why Don't I Have Any Memories? Did Something Happen?

Hey yall, this is my first time posting anything or telling anyone but my really good friend, so please bear with me. Although I m in mid highschool and should be able to remember, i can t remember anything from until i was 8-9 years old. 66 more words

Oh Snow You Didn't

I know you guys have been enjoying all of my titles recently (snow pun intended), but yes it is snowing again. That means more hot chocolate for me! 336 more words

12 Things Only Southern Mammas Understand

If you were to look in my refrigerator you would find, behind the Greek yogurt and the organic spinach and the grass-fed butter, a tin can that looks sort of like an old style coffee can.   352 more words

Say What?

Terms of measurement of all things: time, distance, directions and pretty much everything else make communication easy.  Funny thing is, many of the terms of measurement I grew up hearing were MIA in the textbooks I studied in college.   335 more words