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"Florence Y'all" Water Tower

How y’all doin’ this fine morn?

If you have driven through Kentucky on 1-75, you know about the “FLORENCE Y’ALL” WATER TOWER- 500 Mall Circle Rd., Florence, KY. 364 more words

Worth Exploring

"why would you move to Alabama?"

My mom and I dropped everything, packed our bags, and took a 13 hour road trip claiming to be moving to war eagle county. Arriving on the 4th of August, we unpack our car, stuffed with 2 TV’s, 20 pairs of my shoes, 15 bags of my clothes, 4 boxes of makeup, 3 boxes of perfume, and a luggage for my moms clothing into a 1200 square foot house. 593 more words


A List Of Stories We Found On In The Year 2030

(Source: kotaku.com)

I can’t believe it’s been 14 years since 2016, a year I’ve decided to fixate on for no particular reason. The only thing more surprising than how things have changed is the way they’ve remained the same. 673 more words


I got 99 problems but this ? is no longer one...

Solved one problem today… ‘Where is home?’

I was feeling homesick today and when I thought about it, I knew it was Texas I was missing. 28 more words

Dialect, Story, and Microsoft Word

I like to have more than one project running at a time. Something like editing or nonfiction for my left brain and something like brainstorming or first drafting for my right. 540 more words


Pokemon Blue: Nuzlocke Diary - Chapter 3

Chapter 3: When Ya’ll Say Zu, We Say Bat!

Issue 1

Dear Diary,

Having defeated Brock and his not-so-rock-hard Pokemon, me and the PokeSquad head towards Mt. 479 more words

Video Games

Homogenized language

I graduated from a college located deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I worked the cash register at an appliance store after class to make a little extra beer and gas money. 604 more words