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Freebie Friday! (Y'all Edition)

Happy Friday!

I hope you’ve all had a great week! This week’s free art print comes in three different colors (black, navy, and gold), and is inspired by one of my favorite words: y’all… 54 more words

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Hello, everyone! So my friend and I decided we were going to start a blog about Kpop, and other happenings in our lives, and so this is the start!~ Please take care of us! 6 more words

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God Bless Texas 

Wearing my Y’all shirt today and representing my great state! If you follow my blog, you’ve read firsthand of my love of things Southern + the use of the word Y’all. ❤️

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Just a Gringo from Texas

“Don’t take this the wrong way, man,” the middle school student said, “but you talk Spanish like a Gringo.”

“That’s okay,” I said. “I talk English like a Texan… y’all.” 409 more words


The struggle is REAL, ya'll.

{So, just a little background to make this blog post make sense.}

I am currently a full time-student. In the midst of school, I have also been working full-time (and then some) and discovered my passion for freelance writing. 419 more words


I said, "Kari said, 'listen... and learn!'"

I’m about to teach you something… and, yes, it’s about grammar.

I’ve seen this done in some poorly edited books before and it mildly bugs me. 475 more words



Yall is the most listened spanish group in Europe and the number one in France. They come from Barcelona and they are two graphic designers and a producer that decided to start making music. 137 more words