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I live in a pile of laundry.

I really think I do, live in a pile of laundry, that is. It’s nonstop, no matter how many loads I do, there’s always more… 430 more words


Are they all yours?!

I get this question a lot, actually every time someone learns how many kids we have. There are a variety of spins on the question. It’s usually something like: 364 more words


An open letter to our kids

Dear Chitlins:

I love you.

I am nervous.

I am paranoid.

I worry.

Am I doing this right?

Have I taught you anything?

Do you know me at all? 256 more words


Crazy crap people Bing.

Have you ever started typing in your favorite search engine and thought, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! Seriously.

What do some of these even mean? 127 more words


Who knew?!

There is so much to blogging, did you know that? Will anyone give two cruds about what I have to say? What does this button do? 114 more words


First up!

Yo y’all!

First, we’ll do a quick run down of what you can expect here. Realistically, this is a little for me and my inner organizational but not quite a perfectionist, spaz. 180 more words


Nashville Y'all Compilation

While I was working at AXS TV, the company acquired the rights to show the first three seasons of the hit ABC program, Nashville, in syndication. 48 more words

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