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How It Should Have Ended Shows Us Yondu Udonta as Mary Poppins, Y’all

This may fall into the ‘too much time on our hands’ category, but the folks at How It Should Have Ended have taken the time to re-edit scenes from the classic 1964… 210 more words

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November 13-19, 2017 Recap

Total spending: $610.67

Favorite thing I spent money on this week? The $18.80 I spent on Saturday’s breakfast. I tried an acai bowl for the first time and it was SO. 201 more words

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North vs South in Two Minutes

Let me know in the comments below if your experience with misconceptions about the North and South has been the same as mine!

Southern Culture

What is a broflake?

1) A snowflake, but saltier.

2) A person, most typically -but not always- a white, North American male, who believes that oppression is a thing of the past, while also believing that white men are the single-most oppressed people in history; who believes that being ignored and/or mocked is tantamount to the worst kinds of censorship; who believes that they are entitled to not only your time but your platform; who believes that they are singularly unique and insightful despite being mundane and interchangeable with every other Holden Caulfield the world’s ever rolled its eyes at; who believes that political correctness is actually a thing meaning something other than “maybe just try not to be the most offensive, repulsive, actively ignorant piece of shit around sometimes;’ and believes that feminism is here to take their games, their balls, and their “free speech,” but when asked to draw that causal line will produce something akin to that guy on the street corner who shouts at traffic and wags his dick at space rhinos. 19 more words

Words of Wisdom DeSigns

So I joined a FB group about creating wood signs because I have some reclaimed wooden sign pickets from an old fence.

Now I have a space in a local shop called “Southern Charms”. 171 more words