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Alright, y’all, let’s talk desserts!

#browniesalamode is my all-time favorite. I just love the contrast of the warm brownies with the cold ice cream! When that ice cream starts a meltin’ on those brownies… 😍 126 more words


Texas has complex layers that make it difficult to describe to those who have not been. It is important to explain that we only had the privilege of traversing eastern Texas, and this is only an opinion based off of our experiences. 668 more words


Song #2

Hundred Miles ft. Gabriela Richardson – Yall

A 2015 hit, but this time created by Yall, a Barcelona-based DJ collective who teamed up with Gabriela Richardson Torres for this song. 127 more words


I'm here y'all

Me?Blog? Who knew?

I took so much pride in scribbling my thoughts out in notebooks,putting horrible edgy art on the front of them. Well, if you can consider my terrible little doodles art. 100 more words


Barbara Burt: This ain't the Kentucky Derby, ya'll

Ok, everybody, just calm down.

At this point in the Democratic presidential primary “horserace,” things are getting tense. Some Clinton supporters clamor for Sanders to drop out. 685 more words

Opinion Leaders

I live in a pile of laundry.

I really think I do, live in a pile of laundry, that is. It’s nonstop, no matter how many loads I do, there’s always more… 430 more words


Are they all yours?!

I get this question a lot, actually every time someone learns how many kids we have. There are a variety of spins on the question. It’s usually something like: 364 more words