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Crowd turns back on Hillary Clinton - to show their support

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

All the people in the room have their backs to Mrs Hillary Clinton, seeming to ignore her as she smiles and waves – but it’s not what it looks like. 247 more words

Current Affairs

Look It Up, Y'all!

Take note. This is the first and last time you’ll ever see anything with “y’all” in on my blog. Unless of course, I’m making fun of it. 498 more words


At work the other day a coworker pronounced Illinois with the ‘s’ at the end. Like this: Il-i-noise. That is incorrect. The ‘s’ is silent. Like this: Il-i-noy. 73 more words

The South

20 Ways Texans Can Tell Who Is Not From Texas

1.     You drive straight past a Buc-ee’s without stopping.
Texans stop at Buc-ee’s,  food souvenirs, snacks, beef jerky,  bathrooms are legit, you can’t just drive past them. 554 more words


Plowing a new path. Ryan Lochte.

Hey Y’All (lol)

Not to brag (ok it will not seem like anything worth bragging about) but I started the gym yesterday. And I want  894 more words



Hey y’all!

Unfortunately I’m going to be posting quite sparsely for the next month or so because my midterms are about to start (fingers crossed.). 17 more words