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Travel tip # 142...Jumpstart your season

Dear Branson,

I’m sorry I said some snarky things last week. I was going through a rough patch…you see…I had just returned from a few days in…ummm…Branson. 356 more words


Pronouns Redux, Second-Person Y'all, and She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed

Today’s word is “redux,” defined as “brought back, returned,” in the American Heritage Dictionary, because there’s more to say about last week’s column’s theme: pronouns.  For starters, the Swedish Academy announced they’re adding “hen,” a gender-neutral pronoun to fit between “han” and “hon,” the Swedish “he” and “she.”  And for an amusing bedtime read, try Alexander McCall Smith’s “Portuguese Irregular Verbs,” featuring linguist “Professor Dr. 652 more words

Parts Of Speech

Hey, Yall Gotta Cigarette? Music Remix

Leave it to the internet to take a viral video, and remix everything about it. Check out this remix of last week’s viral video of a woman asking strangers for a cigarette. 16 more words

Kentucky For Kentucky

Every good company has a great mission and with a mission that reads, “Our Mission is to engage and inform the world by promoting Kentucky people, places, and products, and to kick ass for the commonwealth!” Who could go wrong? 463 more words


The sun is back and it makes me so happy!

Hey hey hey!

In my last update I mentioned that my mom (hi mom ♡) had been asking for pictures of my room since it had occurred to her that these were nowhere to be found, neither here nor on Facebook. 614 more words