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world wide web-საძიებო სისტემა, რომლის საშუალებითაც ინტერნეტში უამრავი სახის სასარგებლო თუ უსარგებლო ინფორმაციას ვაწყდებით. world wide web-პროექტი, რომელიც 1992 წელს შეიქმნა და დღითი დღე მდიდრდებოდა ახალ ახალი ვებ-გვერდებით.   6 more words


Yandex Teams With Chinese E-commerce For Cross-Border Payments

Chinese and Russian technology companies plan to jointly launch an e-commerce platform which aims to promote the cross-border trading between China and Russia. Russian online payment system Yandex.Money will start handling payment services for China online payment platform TradeEase. 26 more words


Russian internet firm to develop online retail trade with China

Russia’s top internet search engine Yandex said Thursday that it has inked a cooperation deal with a group of Chinese companies and organizations to develop online retail trade between the two countries.  38 more words


Portfolio Six Updated March 2015 - And It's Tax Time

Portfolio Six is our newest portfolio, at 3 1/2 years. The beneficiary contributed $1500, the trustee contributed $3000, for a total of $4500. The current value is $4530, for a gain of $30, or 0.7% or 0.3% / year across the life of the fund. 212 more words

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Portfolio Five Updated March 2015 - And It's Tax Time

Portfolio’s Four and Five are both 5 1/2 years old. The beneficiary contributed $3000, the trustee $6000 for a total of $9000. The value is $10,840 for a gain of $1840 or 20%, which works out to about 5.3% / year. 108 more words

Trust Funds

How the West should look beyond Vladimir Putin in its handling of Russia

Big Question: There are millions of Russians who harbour hopes of a different future, one of progress and prosperity

Vladimir Putin smiles as he attends a meeting with his Kyrgyz counterpart in Saint Petersburg on Monday Photo: AFP/getty… 693 more words

Why Twitter and Google kissed and made up; it's all about news

Okay so you may think that this is old hat – the Twitter Google reunion happened last month, before Valentine’s Day when my headline may have worked better but… 668 more words