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A new country....Yangon, Myanmar

I’ve had a tough time writing this one. I’ve started over a few times and it still isn’t right. So bear with me – it may be a little slow, as is the internet here. 1,098 more words


Arriving in Yangon

Friday May 30th 2014

With the window rolled down and a tinny melody drifting from the speakers, I fell in love with Myanmar. Instantly, I felt at peace in the balmy air. 999 more words


Ad-venturing across the river - Carpe Sundiem

We settle too easily into habits and routine.  That is welcome in many ways, but sometimes I find myself a little frustrated that I don’t push the boundaries a little more and venture into new or different ground. 1,259 more words

24 hours in Yangon

Excitement overwhelmed the desire to sleep…
Mind fuzzy from the four hours of flitting slumber, I plotted my route and tied the laces of my walking shoes instead. 2,159 more words

Travel Blogs

A Burmese dream

Je fis un court séjour à Rangoon, la capitale de la Birmanie (Myanmar) lors d’un voyage professionnel. A un moment où j’en avais vraiment besoin, c’est en passant plusieurs heures à la pagode de Schwedagon que j’aidais mon âme à trouver la paix. 432 more words

Non Classé

Changes in Bangkok

TL;DR – I’m starting a new career, things are good

Ambition is downloading the Thai keyboard for your iPhone before moving to Thailand. Reality is the guilt that stems from switching to the English keyboard every time you open up your phone. 528 more words