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The Tick | Episode 4 Review | Party Crashers

The Tick falls, and then gets up. Overkill enters the picture and steals Arthur’s backpack. We meet Derek who’s superpower is being a douchebag. We meet Danger Boat. 98 more words

The Hero We Need, or The Hero Who Needs Us?

For better or worse, we live in a superhero culture. You can’t avoid it – the theaters are inundated with comic book movies of varying degrees of quality. 897 more words


The Tick | Episode 3 Review | Secret/Identity

The Tick is not in Arthurs head. Arthur finds a possible ally in his search for the Terror. Overkill arrives. Sit down friends and let’s enjoy some sweat, sweat justice. 46 more words

The Tick | Episode 2 Review | Where's My Mind?

Where’s My Mind is the Pixies song used at the end of Fight Club, are we watching a Superhero version? This time out The Tick, is darker and more in-depth. 55 more words

The Tick | Episode 1 Review | Pilot

Our latest recap to date since this has been out for a year, but The Tick deserves to be done episode-by-episode and we were keen to wait and we are soooo glad we did. 68 more words

Yara Martínez plays “Ms. Lint”

Christian Gollayan (New York Post) writes “Playing the bad girl makes this actress ‘Tick’” speaking about Puerto Rican thespian Yara Martínez, who “stars as supercharged Ms. 247 more words