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The Tick | Episode 4 Review | Party Crashers

The Tick falls, and then gets up. Overkill enters the picture and steals Arthur’s backpack. We meet Derek who’s superpower is being a douchebag. We meet Danger Boat. 98 more words

The Hero We Need, or The Hero Who Needs Us?

For better or worse, we live in a superhero culture. You can’t avoid it – the theaters are inundated with comic book movies of varying degrees of quality. 897 more words


The Tick | Episode 3 Review | Secret/Identity

The Tick is not in Arthurs head. Arthur finds a possible ally in his search for the Terror. Overkill arrives. Sit down friends and let’s enjoy some sweat, sweat justice. 46 more words

The Tick | Episode 2 Review | Where's My Mind?

Where’s My Mind is the Pixies song used at the end of Fight Club, are we watching a Superhero version? This time out The Tick, is darker and more in-depth. 55 more words

The Tick | Episode 1 Review | Pilot

Our latest recap to date since this has been out for a year, but The Tick deserves to be done episode-by-episode and we were keen to wait and we are soooo glad we did. 68 more words