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our rush to nowhere

day of yard

tinkered prices

jousted memories.

garbage bag piles


refreshments were


frantic flies
devoured our lives

quarter a time. 24 more words

Hands In The Garden

Recent sales: October

1. Yard sales: 1850$. I tried to unload as much as possible before the cold arrived. It was a lot of work, but I was pretty successful! 1,014 more words

Temporary Stereo Setback

In the words of that cinema giant Bill Murray from the great socially important film Stripes, “And then depression set in.”

Bandit (my double dapple Dachshund sidekick) and I have been scouring yard sales for months piecing together a vintage stereo system on which to play our vintage records. 296 more words

Christmas Time Capsule

My mom is an expert at yard sale finds. She has always been able to dig through a chest of junk and find the one gem. 565 more words

Lincoln's Yard Sale

Into the grind of sourcing a book some sun must shine once in a while. As I rechecked an endnote from Harold Holzer’s Lincoln, President-Elect: Abraham Lincoln and the Great Secession Winter 1860-1861, 612 more words

Show Me the Money!

A few years ago, my Dad and I introduced my niece to yard sales. At her very first one, Lara found a game of Candyland for only $1. 900 more words


10 tips to have a successful yard sale

Hosting a yard sale is a fantastic time to declutter while simultaneously making some cash! Win-win!!
1. Display everything you’re selling into meaningful groups/ categories-just like they do in stores. 305 more words

H.O.T. Tips