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Spindles Part 4: Support*

These are my favorite! Why?

Well as may be evident with my projects, I love knitting with thin yarn. From cobweb to fingering these are the yarns I use constantly. 281 more words


Spindles Part 3: Bottom whorl*

When I wrote the first and second part of this series I didn’t own a bottom whorl spindle so I couldn’t really comment on it’s benefits and design. 244 more words


Very interesting 'Itch' article

It’s not hard to predict which sweater or scarf will be itchy when you see fibres under the microscope. Here are a few details about the significance of the scales that you can see and the absence of them, on protein, plant, and synthetic fibres.

26 more words

Exciting news, everyone!

It may not be exciting to you, or maybe it is, who knows!

I have, foolishly or not, decided to start a podcast. This decision is heavily enabled by multiple knitty friends (you’re welcome!). 38 more words


Project Planning

Mothers Day is right around the corner! While at the Mid-Plains Fiber Fair I picked up yarn for a specific project….my mothers day cast one! 136 more words


Festival Adventure!

I heard about the Mid-Plains Fiber Fair on the Prairie Girls Knit and Spin podcast awhile back. It was held in York Nebraska, which is a not so bad drive from my parents house. 199 more words


Spontaneous Stash Enhancement

Ever set out for the vet’s office to pick up cat meds but somehow wind up in an a yarn store buying armfuls of rainbows?  No?   434 more words