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{A post about what I’m reading, knitting, listening to, and watching right now.}

Reading: I’m rereading the Fruits Basket manga that I own (volumes 3-8, thank you used bookstore~!) in preparation for rewatching the anime over Valentine’s Day. 161 more words


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I think I can tell spring is coming. I know I am a couple of days early from the groundhog, but I can tell the days are getting a bit longer. 234 more words

Yarn Along

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Drinking: Slimful Chocolate Decadence Oolong Tea

Happy Wednesday everyone!  How is the new year treating you? Last time I joined Ginny, I wrote about all the books and yarn I got that day.   541 more words


It'll come together in the end - just you wait and see......

At the end of 2014 I showed you some of the knitting I was doing for KOGO
– Fair isle jumpers for little lads.

Well, like with most things that have mundane tasks associated with interesting ones (like plain knitting and fair isle) I’m full of good intentions but sometimes fall short of producing the goods. 191 more words

Daily Life

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Happy New Year!! And Merry Christmas! I went a little bit a-wall for a couple of weeks.  This year, Christmas overwhelmed me.  I enjoyed the season, but on most accounts, I failed at sending things on time and doing “normal” holiday things.   243 more words

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Dinos, elephants, and other big news

This week has been great fun, as I’ve been knitting dinosaurs. RAWR! They’re presents for the various little ones in my life. I have to say these are the most fun thing I’ve knit in ages; I keep looking down and thinking, “Look at that tiny dinosaur leg!” and then chuckling to myself. 436 more words


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I bit off more than I can chew. Yes, I made the age old mistake of planning to make Christmas gifts. 😳 oh well, I am enjoying making these gifts, and if I am late, that’s ok. 127 more words

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