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More Hong Kong Street Art

Street art comes in many different styles.  Some is paint; some paper or even yarn.  Some stenciled and some free-form.  Some art is commissioned, some illicit but still very artistic, and some really isn’t art at all, such as the spray paint on my garbage can at home which looks more like bird droppings than art.   60 more words


A Different Kind of Street Art in El Barrio- No Politics Included

As Naomi Lawrence walked along 102nd Street in East Harlem carrying one of her twin 4-month-old girls on a harness, she passed a fence adorned with yarn in red, orange and yellow hues that formed a hibiscus flower. 496 more words


International Yarn Bomb Day

Saturday, June 11 2011 was the first International Yarn Bombing Day,

when crafters around the world will create playful public art by tagging parking meters with knitted cosies or adorning public statues with crocheted scarves.

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Yarn Bombing 101

Five easy steps for any yarn bombing project.

  1. Choose your object
  2. Measure your object
  3. Design your yarn bomb
  4. Create your yarn bomb
  5. Install your yarn bomb

Another Place

“Two of sculptor Antony Gormley’s iron men, which normally stand on a beach wearing nothing but rust and barnacles, have been given a multi-coloured make-over by a guerrilla knitwear artist.

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Yarn bomb in Rotorua

A few weeks ago we spent the weekend in Rotorua. This small town is a popular tourist destination on the North Island of New Zealand, famous mainly for the geothermal areas with their geysers, bubbling mud pools and hot thermal springs. 198 more words


Wonderful Wales...

It’s reluctantly back to school and work for us this week but we did manage to squeeze a camping holiday to Wales into the last week of the summer holidays. 870 more words